Vs. Ferris

Season opener today at the Goggin vs. Ferris!

Scoreless after 1. I missed most of the first period, but what I saw looked decent with several good scoring opportunities. We’ll be starting the second shorthanded after a late tripping penalty.

We’re all down the hall in the football room.


I’m multitasking…a window for FB thread, one for hockey, FB game on the tv, hockey game on the laptop! :laughing:

We’re absolutely dominating play so far, but just a tie game on a Barbolini goal after giving up one on the pp at the start of the period.

SOG 25-7 so far. :astonished: What a turnaround from a year ago!


And we are down 2-1 in the 3rd.

Since that early shot advantage, we’ve been outshot 12-4. And, much like the football game, getting hurt by penalties. :tired_face:

Cassetti gets the goal to tie it up with the extra attacker on with just under a minute to go to send it to OT.



Come on hockey. Make me forget about today’s football game.

It’s like 2008 all over again.

Apparently, it’s going to a shootout, even though it doesn’t count for anything? Officially a 2-2 tie.

Meaningless shootout!

Beautiful goal by Ryan Savage after a stop by Persson!

Tied up after two shooters.

And we lose the meaningless shootout. :roll_eyes:

Let’s get a win tomorrow!

Well, a “loss” in the shootout but officially a 2-2 tie. A tie seems good after being down 1-2 late in the game, but seems like we dominated the game and could have won. I only watched the last 10 minutes + OT after the football game, but we looked in control of the game, even when on the penalty kill.

We didn’t look like dog doo. So I’ll take that. I liked the compete. So I’ll take that. The result stinks. Well, as Meatloaf said (RIP) two out of three ain’t bad.

Back to lurking.


Great crowd from both the ticket holders and the students. Wow was it loud when they tied it late.

Also, had students who filled in around me, and nice to see they were all following the football game as well.


The end of that football game is not a good way to end the evening.

It was my daughter’s sorority dad weekend and one of the things on the list was the hockey game. So I was certainly distracted with the football updates but I also paid attention to the hockey

I felt like we dominated for good stretches and I like the pressure we put on to get the tying goal

I agree there was a good crowd and the students showed out nicely

Still a disappointing result vs one of our easier opponents- hopefully tomorrow is better

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I’m just happy we outshot them. First game with so many new faces and we played tough and played like the better team. If effort is there, better results will come. Was nice to be on the other end of a last minute goal for once lol


need a win tonight. Ferris stinks.