Updated Football Kickoff Times

Not a huge fan of the UK and UC game times personally

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Complaints beginning in 3, 2, 1…


On the upside, we’ll be on actual TV for all the MACtion games (assuming Miami/Ball is a more appealing matchup than OU/BG) and the MACC is on regular ESPN. Hoping for a 2:30 BTN kickoff against Northwestern.

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I am interested in how the 6pm Robert Morris game goes- i think it is worth a shot

Get some solid tailgating time with 6pm kickoffs. Maybe get some people who are done with beat the clock.


Beat the heat?

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Haven’t had a Saturday night game since UC in 2017 (Timeoutgate), have we?

I think the only concern is go to B10…then come back and go to UB, come home to Kent…at least it’s not UB in winter!

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6:00 is a real strange time. On my phone and old, but it appears as if the game is alumni day or something. Will be interesting.

This sucks. Live in Columbus and about two hours to get home. Have season tickets (great seats on the 50!) and three of the five home games will get home between 1-2am and have to go to work the next day. At some stage how much is it worth to get paid to be on ESPN3 and alienate fans in the stands? Schedules like this probably why hardly anyone from C/bus or other than Oxford/Cincy/Dayton come to games regularly. Our tickets are gifts from our wonderful kids and at some stage might just say it’s not worth it. It’s a shame…love going to the games…hate driving home late.



The midweek games are the same as prior years and I can certainly understand that issue and debate- Seems like we are stuck with 2 weeknights when some MAC teams play only one and then the Friday/Saturday after thanksgiving

The Robert Morris game is a 6pm Saturday start- i wouldnt think that would be meaningfully different than a 330 start.

Reflective of the shortcomings of the MAC website, I get a 404 Error when I click on the link.


Very few people come to the midweek games outside the Oxford Square Mile except for family and girlfriends.

What’s the alternative to the current setup? Virtually no TV exposure or cash, like the C-USA over the past decade, in exchange for slightly more butts-in-the-seats on a Saturday. Us and the rest of the MAC would need more buy games to make up for lost revenue, making us less competitive overall. Our ESPN deal has a lot of flaws, but the MAC isn’t in a position to complain or move off the deal; at least the MACC is now on regular ESPN and there’s only one weeknight game this entire MAC season that won’t be on live TV (either us/Ball State or OU/BG, hopefully the latter).

Also in checking the Northwestern football site it appears that our game against the Wildcats will be on BTN. No kickoff time yet; I’ll be there in-person, hopefully with many other Miamians living in Chicago and beyond.


College football at our level has changed dramatically during the past 25 years. In order to maintain financial sustainability and create any national exposure, G5 conferences like ours must submit ourselves to the will of the TV networks. Like 20 bowls, the MAC is basically owned by ESPN - at least for the 1/4 of our season that falls in November.

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You just described all of college football, going all the way up to the SEC. Alabama isn’t choosing what time it kicks off vs LSU or Texas AM. CBS or ESPN is.


Good point JCook32. I know that Texas and Oklahoma always complain about their 11am kickoffs and the mwc did a 9am game last year (noon et)

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Yep. But we are good at the complaining thing. I would love for all our home games to end before 6. Then I could get home by the 11 news and meet my bed time.

Easy way to combat the problem of weeknight game attendance. Win. Be good. Exciting offense. Rugged, tough defense. Make the game an event, not just a calendar entry.
And I totally agree with your response about money and butts.