Tim Lester's contract bonus details...over his new $600K contract


|College Football Playoff National Championship|$50,000|
|College Football Playoff game win (semifinals or finals)|$50,000|
|College Football Playoff game appearance|$50,000|
|Bowl game win|$50,000|
|MAC championship|$50,000|
|MAC West championship|$30,000|
|National Coach of the Year|$25,000|
|MAC Coach of the Year|$15,000|
|Regional Coach of the Year|$15,000|
|Average home game attendance above 25,000|$15,000|
|Average home game attendance between 20,000-25,000|$8,000|
|Average home game attendance between 18,000-20,000|$6,000|
|7-win season and every subsequent win|$10,000|
|Team GPA above 3.0|$7,000|
|Team GPA between 2.90-3.0|$6,000|
|Team GPA between 2.80-2.90|$5,000|
|Team GPA between 2.70-2.80|$4,000|
|Team GPA between 2.60-2.70|$3,000|
|1st Team All-MAC player|$2,000|
|2nd Team All-MAC player|$1,500|
|3rd Team All-MAC player|$1,000|
|Honorable Mention All-MAC player|$750|
|Academic All-American (each, maximum of 3)|$4,000|
|Distinguished Scholar-Athlete (each)|$2,000|
|Academic All-District athlete (each, maximum of 3)|$2,000|
|Academic All-MAC athlete|$750|