The future of Miami vs. UC

Hey, if UC agrees to double Miami’s cash out for traveling to a P5 school, AND agrees to let Miami take ALL ticket sales, then hell yes, lets play at PBS…

By 2029, who knows if the Big XII or any conferences will still be around? If things go the proposed way of English Premier League tables, with the Top 20 teams being “In the hunt”, schools like Miami will have easier times scheduling the non-Top 20 schools, and UC will undoubtably be one of them. Will also likely be schools that are middle-of-the-pack/lower-pack B1G, ACC and SEC (Illinois, Mizzou, Ok St, Baylor, etc.) that may come to Oxford. I think it’d be fun to see an evenly matched Miami team vs a team like Vanderbilt, Wake Forest or Northwestern in Yager.

Not to threadjack, but there is no way the current conferences can survive with the existing structure. If you’re the Maryland baseball team, you could have a 3 game series in Nebraska one weekend, College Park the next, California the next and Washington after that. For baseball. Not gonna be doable long-term.


Agree somewhat. What’s being built only works for football. There will be a return to regionalism, especially with the other sports.

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If they go to a ‘premier league’ model, than Miami will be in one of the lower leagues and will play for chances to be promoted.

I’d love this model and hope it gets adopted

True confession: while doing Summer intern job as Engineering assistant at US EPA adjacent to UC campus on the St. Clair Street I took an evening undergrad Labor law course at UC…got an A too (natch since it was a course at UC). I feel so dirty! (but I needed the hours to graduate in 4 years!).

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I noted a couple of responses to my question of what we got paid for the UC game. The answers were “0”. Can anyone confirm that ? Also what are we paying DEL ST to come to Oxford?

I read that Delaware getting $350K.

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From the contract Section 5, waive the $40k, so $0.

So, the only way (to partially) get around that is to continue to be competitive and drive up ticket sales at Yager and at PBS for a split gate there. Not gonna get anywhere near a mil of value but a home game with UC should generate an extra 10,000 tickets sold, and if our fan base could get enthused about our prospects for winning then the PBS game might get some good crowds there of 40K plus.

So, as those among us unfamiliar with the effects of beating UC (until this week), you can see that there obviously are intangibles inherent with the win…media coverage, recruiting benefits, and charging up of the student and alum base.

The economic impact is harder to gauge, and perhaps like a few here have advanced, we cannot afford to play UC in lieu of lucrative “buy” games (one and duns which we almost always lose).

I am already on record as saying I see great overall value in keeping the UC series post 2029, so long as we can be relatively competitive (win at least one of every 4-5), and a decent agreement on locations could be reached. That might be mostly playing at UC and PBS but hopefully allow for 2-3 games a decade at Yager.

Not sure how the negotiations will turn out but in the meantime I am continuing to revel in the afterglow of the win!

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When the series was extended in 2016 or 2017 (I cant recall exactly), it would have been Sayler and Mike Bohn negotiating the contract, correct?

Will be interesting to see what Cunningham thinks of the deal…if he’s still around in 2028 :joy:

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Yes.$350k is what the contract says.

That is one of the uses for the money from the Miami F game. It also normally results in a 1-1 record and a million dollar profit ( a little more this year).

And the contract for those interested.

Thanks all for the info- so how much did UC make form our game ?

Back of the napkin math:

40,000 seats times $50 average ticket = $2 million in ticket sales, plus concessions

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Hawkattack06 couple days before the UC game I took a look at available UC tickets for game on UC website. There were a few left and cheapest I could find was, I think, about $119/seat. Few left at $400 or so. Season ticket holders probably pay a bit less in packages but bet they’re all pretty pricey. You can probably safely up your price/ticket up to $85-95/seat and get bit better picture.

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Do UC students have to pay anything near these projected ticket costs? I am a tad doubtful.

Back of the napkin on the $50 average:

  1. UC season tickets range from $225 to $800 for non-premium, so let’s assume $490 average or $70 per game. But you can’t weight the Miami game the same as the Oklahoma game, so let’s say $50 average for the Miami game for STH. Let’s say 60% of stadium is STH.

  2. Students pay $100 for 7 games or $15 per game. Let’s say 20% (8k) of the stadium is students.

  3. Last 20% of stadium are sold as single game tickets, including the 3000 tickets allocated to Miami. Let’s say $85 average on those.

That all adds up to around $2 million in ticket sales. Throw in another $1 million for parking and concessions. These aren’t exact numbers, but reasonable estimates.


Normally I avoid Fox Big Noon kickoff. It’s not GameDay, no matter how much it wants to be GameDay. But there is something great about hearing analysts during a pregame show being forced to mention “in last week’s loss to Miami-Ohio…”


That’s the only reason I switched to it, lol! Just had Nick Lachey on and no mention he went to Miami, only his love for UC :face_vomiting: