Texas State at Miami 11:00 Saturday morning

This is a game which was scheduled late as part of the MAC-Sunbelt Challenge. Since we already had a volleyball game scheduled at 5:00 and that requires some work in transitioning sports, we are playing in the morning. Game is on ESPN+

While our Athletic site has still not previewed the game less than 24 hours before tipoff, I will provide what I found on the Texas State ( I think it used to be called West Texas State) athletic site. Head Coach Terrence Johnson is in his 4th year with an unusual pattern to his record at the school. In his first two years they were Sun Belt regular season champions or co champions. No NCAA bids, one NIT bid. Now they did that without piling up dominating records. They had 19 and 20 wins those seasons. Last year in year 3 they dropped to 16 and 19, thus having a similar record to us which is why we are matched up.

So far this year they opened at Arkansas Little Rock and similar to us opening on the road, they had a small lead and lost the game late 71-66. If you recall, we hosted Little Rock last year and had a comfortable win.

One area they seem to be ahead of us is that they know who they want to play. They had 7 players play more than 20 minutes and only two other guys who got a couple of minutes. So they seem to have their rotation set. 6-6 JR Joshua O’Garro had 15/8 off the bench and 6-4 JR Dontae Horne had 12/7 also off the bench. Starter 6-9 Brandon Love had 13/10. They dominated the boards, outrebounding Little Rock 53-31. However, poor shooting did them in, shooting only 37% from the floor and 27% from three.

Oh, and here is a reason to hate them, they are the Bobcats.


That’s all I needed to read.


If anyone else is addicted to KenPom rankings like I am, they are #197 overall, have a pretty poor offense ranked at #249 but have a respectable defense at #124. They play at a lethargic pace ranking #312 in tempo.

Also, Texas Sate has a tradition before an exam just like how we rub the turtle heads. They have a statue on campus called the “fighting stallions” of two battling horses and students rub the horse’s balls before exams.


11 AM

Home opener



Hey, there was a volleyball game already scheduled!

Just please win. Losing to Evansville twice in two seasons is embarrassing. We have a pretty soft non-conference home slate, and this is one we should win. I know Safford is gone and AM is out, but I was led to believe there was reason for high-ish expectations coming into this season, and Monday kind of discouraged that.

Winnable game. Have seen Texas St. live twice in the last 12 months, and they will play defense and rebound with great effort. Offensively, they are challenged, and frequently run the shot clock all the way down for a buzzer beater. Expect an ugly, rock-fight type of game. The toughest team will win.

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I think a top 6 finish is a reasonable expectation, but I think it’s also reasonable to expect some rough stretches with so many new faces, including freshmen. Last year’s team made consistent improvements as the season went on, so there’s no reason for me to expect this year’s team won’t be the same.


Potter not dressed. This season sucking.


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Ooh, pinstripes. Classy.

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Looking physically overwhelmed right now.

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Bultman won’t shoot

He’s seeing ghosts after he got badly rejected on the fast break layup earlier.

18-8 bad guys. Our offense is…offensive.

Overpassing against a team that plays aggressive defense generally not a recipe for success. 8 turnovers not even halfway through the first half.

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We need a nice sensible run here

Holy cow. I try to stay positive. But that was a really, really bad 8 minutes of basketball. Soooo many turnovers.

Ipsaro playing with lots of confidence.