Terna Nande Article!

Stud. Beat UC.



Absolutely amazing article. That squad really does deserve an in-depth piece, detailing the impact they’ve made on football. Coincided with my time at MU. Amazing memories.

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Great linebacker corps at that time: Nande, John Busing, Terrell Jones.


Derek Rehage, as well…unsung, big time player maybe had not broken out in his play yet…but that guy was good or maybe I’m confusing someone (there was a fourth LB, pretty loaded at the position).

Nah, my memory is still there (got a “NFL look”):

I was never a big autograph guy. I do however have a Terna autograph on, of all things, a miniature can of Pepsi. They had the tiny cans for free at the ‘06 Spring Game. As we were leaving, Terna just happened to be heading out as well. I asked if he’d sign it because there was little nothing else available. I figured he’d just laugh at the absurdity of it but he signed it. And 17.5 years later, I still have that empty, autographed Pepsi can.

Nande was a freak. And a stud.

Edit: Autocorrect initially changed Nande to Nance. Autocorrect respects the early 2000s RedHawks.