I didn’t know Miami was doing this, pretty cool:

CPS, Miami U. expand pipeline program to address growing teacher shortage


Very happy and proud to hear this. The lack of diversity in teaching, especially in urban school districts is a structural deficiency. It probably won’t be recognized by the ranking publications, but this program is one that serves a greater need. Closing learning gaps will boost long-run productivity growth among the labor force, which boosts long-run potential economic growth.


I would agree that this is long overdue. I would also say that more men are needed in elementary schools. Too many families today are led by single mothers, who are often overworked. Not enough fathers around, so more male elementary teachers are needed.


To piggy back all of these things, higher teacher salaries! Teachers are often taken for granted, and assume many other roles besides just “teacher” - coach, psychologist, mentor, etc. We are in a sense the “stem cells” of society, shaping and molding the minds of tomorrows leaders from infancy. Time that they are treated that way!


A worthy pursuit, but I hope Miami is also working to address diversity disparities in its own house.

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My daughter was an Intervention Specialist (special needs kids) major at BG and wound up teaching special needs kids at high school in Houston area suburb that was 90% Hispanic and African American. Now teaching at an elementary school in Houston City schools. that’s 98% Hispanic.
First post there she was in magnet class for elementary aged discipline and troubled kids that drew from several elementary schools around hers. She has told her daddy some stories I’ll tell you. In city schools you have to be tough as nails to deal with the kids (even little 5th grade baggers!) and sometimes their parents too. For these kids that graduate from Miami and move right into the hot mess that a lot of inner city schools are is an act of courage and admirable.The program between Cincy schools and Miami is pretty damn cool.

Just as an aside NYCRedHawk after 13 years she’s making about $67k a year with teachers benefits and retirement which aren’t too bad. She has summers off if she wants or can teach a couple sessions of summer school-typically half days at about $50/hr.


Yes, and more importantly, fathers at home/the restoration of families.

How do we work on that?

First, by acknowledging how important it is, which the current social climate does not do.