Staff Changes

I am aware of that and hence my point.


@CoolPapa All anyone has to do is look of the demographics of any D1 football team - including ours - to understand why your point is valid. It’s not 1973 in Oxford anymore.


I agree some of blocking schemes leave a bit to be desired, but go back and look at how many times our backs run with no vision. A play is called to go to whatever hole, our backs put their head down and run right at that hole, whether if it is blocked or not. There are numerous times this year where if the back would have looked and made a move they could have gotten more yards, but they just run to a spot and use no vision. That should and could be coached out of them, regardless of what the line is doing. Also our backs get no “rhythm” going in a game, run the ball, come out and stand. I know Miami isn’t Alabama but look how they handle their backs-forget what game it was but one series their back basically ran the ball down the field play after play, he only finally come out when he took himself out. That should happen regardless of the team. Nope, Miami, one play and out.


I agree with your analysis of our running backs…except on rare occasions, heads down and no vision for the hole…also, it was strange because in a couple of game Mozee looked really good and quick, and then in others he seemed slow and lethargic.

Our backs also seemed hesitant too often and took forever to move forward with impetus.

Gus is the new TE coach at ETSU


Good for Gus. Wish him the best of luck