@ St. Cloud

St. Cloud is currently 5th in the NCHC, though with only 8 games played (COVID issues) while we have 12 and everyone else has 10. They are 12-6 (4-4). They haven’t played since January 1st so hopefully they come out a little rusty tonight.

Games are at 8:30 EST tonight and 7:00 EST tomorrow.

St. Cloud scores first. Awkward goal, Persson tried to fall on it but ended up coming up out of the net without it and St. Cloud scored.

And St. Cloud makes it 0-2 on the power play

Monte Graham gets a rebound for a goal! 1-2 halfway through the first.


…but St. Cloud scores to make it 1-3

I was just about to say that we were starting to play a little more evenly after a very lopsided start… :roll_eyes:

Lots of standing around not interested in playing on those last two goals.

1-4, still 5 minutes left in the first.

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Why do I torture myself like this?

Miami Man Part 2 didn’t work out, sorry Berg. It’s time.

1-7 is embarrassing. What the hell is going on.

Can we just forfeit at this point? How the hell do you give up a goal with a 2 man advantage? Mercy rule, anyone?

8?!?!? Wtf.

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Terrible effort. Seems like the team just totally gave up after going down early.

Why even leave Persson in at this point? It’s not like many of these goals have been his fault, cut the poor guy some slack.

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This “metaphorical line” that Berge always talks about needing to be drawn in the sand…how many times are they going to keep moving that line back and drawing a new one?

For those wondering, Bergeron’s buyout is one year’s salary, payable within 12 months of termination. He has a duty to make reasonable efforts to find other employment, and if he gets a job within those 12 months that pays $200,000, Miami owes nothing.


My God. What an utter embarrassment.

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Remember when we used to win games like this? Those were fun times.

Oooh! New Ozark!

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Lurker: Alex, I’ll take Miami University hockey for $200
Alex: The answer is Mike Hastings, Todd Knott, Eric Lang
Alex: Yes, Lurker
Lurker: Who are the first three coaches Sayler should call at 8am Monday morning to put an end to this shitshow.


Back to lurking.