So you’re saying there’s a chance…

If, we win out, Buffalo loses all remaining games, BG loses 3 of last 4, We are MAC East champions. Obviously not likely. I assumed we were officially eliminated already. Not yet though.

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I think YOU are say’n there’s a chance…go Zippers, You can do it!


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Let’s just win out and make a bowl game somewhere fun


We’ve got ‘em right where we want ‘em, eh Balls!

I agree with Spanks. Win 6, hopefully 7, and play in a bowl.

So you’re saying it’s slim?

Up until last weekend, even Northwestern had a chance to win their division (at 4-8) based on a whole set of goofy results. Not impossible for us, but I wouldn’t bet a dime that we’d get it. Looks like 6-6/4-4 is most likely unless Gabbert kicks it into high gear.

With Buffalo’s loss last night, there is still a remote chance we can finish 5-3 and tied with some combination of Buffalo, Ohio, BG and Kent. Too early to dust off the tie breaker scenarios, but something to hope for.

OU looks strong, especially on offense. 6-6 finish would be fine with me given the time Gabbert has missed and he does not seem right yet.

4-8 very possible. Less chance for 7-5 given the fact that 1 is this season’s best win streak.


5-7 sadly may be the end result…6-6 is always in play :wink:

8-5 or 7-6 a bonus to an otherwise challenging and difficult season…sort of the mantra around here.

Our defense is good enough to keep us in every game. Our offense is bad enough to lose any game. If Gabbert can get the offense going, we could have a nice finish. I’m not optimistic it will happen, but you never know.


The Ohio win over Buffalo actually increased our chances quite a bit.

Week 11
Miami over Ohio (52.3%)
CMU over Buffalo (46.1%)
Kent over BG (59.8%)

Week 12
Toledo over BG (88.6%)
Ball St over Ohio (44.5%)
Miami over NIU (44.3%)
Kent over EMU (67.4%)
Buffalo over Akron (89.6%)

Week 13
Miami over Ball St (63.2%)
Ohio over BG (75.0%)
Kent over Buffalo (33.4%)

Final Standings
Miami 5-3
Kent 5-3
Ohio 5-3
Buffalo 5-3
BG 4-4

Tiebreaker Standings
Miami 2-1
Kent 2-1
Ohio 1-2
Buffalo 1-2

Miami takes the division on the head to head tiebreaker against Kent St.


So every single one of these options MUST take place to send us to Detroit. Not exactly bring in control of our own destiny.

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Technically not all of those things. I made this under the assumption that Buffalo beats Akron, but really they only need to go 1-1 or worse between the CMU and Akron games. If they somehow lose both, then the Kent vs EMU game wouldn’t matter either.

If Miami finishes in a tie with Buffalo, Buffalo won the head to head so they would go. Buffalo needs four losses IF Miami were to win out

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Not if its a 3, 4 or 5 way tie, necessarily