Second assistant named

Jonathan Holmes, who spent the last three seasons as an assistant at Elon.


Looks like a quality get. This thing gets better by the day.


It says he ran the offense at Elon the past three seasons. Their offensive efficiency in that time:

2020: 208
2021: 274
2022: 236

Hopefully he had a significant role in putting together that very good recruiting class they had this year, because otherwise…


This guy is a bonafide blue blood!

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Not to be a Debbie Downer, but this is the same stuff that gets Miami in trouble year after year and hire after hire. Everyone is just excited for the new thing. But neither higher has me excited. Rob just isn’t a good hire. Just because you are from Ohio doesn’t mean that you have close Ohio ties. He didn’t bring in recruits to Cleveland State. Not only wasn’t he wanted at Missouri apparently, but Cleveland State didn’t want him. And now we get someone else that not only has not recruited well, hasn’t been a part of a winner, but hasn’t seemed to develop talent. On top of all that, not one knows the MAC, including he HC.

I am not with the Miami crowd that was up in arms about the “Miami Man” moniker, but we have no one that has had success anywhere and no one that knows the MAC. I have heard the coaches in this league as they all speak to how difficult the MAC is and how different.

I liked the Steele hire, but the press conference lacked energy and excitement, and these hires do as well. I hope it picks up, but I feel like someone had to say it instead of living in the moment of change. I hope it changes.

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/proceeds to be a Debbie Downer


Same mistakes over and over again… for what, 3 straight HC hires in a row now.

Give us names—what hires wouldn’t be mistakes?


Names aren’t my objective, but I would say someone with an understanding of the MAC and has recruited/ties to the Midwest. I mean, I’ve read everyone’s comments over the past weeks and that was what everyone wanted and thought was going to happen. It hasn’t. And we have people that have no success in either of those areas. I believe Steele wanted to develop players, that clearly hasn’t been addressed either. That is all I am saying.

How can you look at this staff and not think they have ties to the Midwest? That point doesn’t make sense.

And to your point about MAC experience, that’s on a level similar to Miami Man for me. It sounds good, but ultimately a coach and staff will succeed or fail on their merit. Bobby Hurley went to Buffalo and hired a staff with zero MAC experience. That turned out okay for them. There are many different ways to skin a cat.


Where do you conclude that Steele wants to develop his players but hasn’t addressed it?

Summers is 7 feet tall and played at WVU. His specific expertise is with Bigs.

Holmes is the son of an Indiana high school coaching legend, was a guard at North Carolina and has focused on guard play in his two previous stops.

This looks like a very specific approach is being deployed by Steele in that regard.

Both of these coaches also may not have MAC experience but they have been coaching at mid-major schools so they know the limitations and challenges at this level.

I am going to wait and see what develops but I see the logic and rationale for everything Steele is doing.


Give them a chance before you pass judgement. If the results stink you can say “I told you so”. But if they end up doing great things, maybe you’ll be happy?


Elon roster very good? Nope… ties?
Cleveland State had a couple players in from Ohio, but really only one producer. ties?

Again, just because you went to high school somewhere, doesn’t mean you have ties there. Didn’t I read somewhere Rob is originally from Illinois and just finished prep years in Ohio anyways? Maybe I’m wrong there.

I don’t think MAC and Miami comparison are the same. I get where you are coming from, but Miami needed a change imo. Having understanding of what is in front of you/competition is different. What kind of bigs do they need? Guards? Styles? Scouting? I mean, they will have to adjust. Take 2 seasons to do that and you are looking at another coaching change. I guess I look at it like this… If Owens was judged on his performance at Miami (campus, etc.) he would have gotten an extension. I think everyone would agree he is a heck of a guy. But he is judged on how he did in the MAC. On that front, he and his staff was let go. So wouldn’t you want to have someone that knows the MAC? I sure as heck would; and do! And probably multiple.

Sommers success as a player? 7’ is a prerec of success in development? Holmes guards have done what? So focusing on guard play for 2 years makes you good at development?

Level is different than conference… different needs to win in the Horizon than the MAC… Big10 than SEC… etc.

I’m not being flippant, I promise, but I really am not sure what you’re arguing. Except that the coaches aren’t really from the Midwest, Elon didn’t have Midwest kids on the roster, and Jack is a good dude. I agree with the last part. Great guy. But we needed a change. Steele wouldn’t have necessarily been my first choice in a perfect world, but there’s nothing about his month tenure here that gives me pause. In fact, I’m a bit optimistic about Miami MBB, which is weird.


My reservations and “non-excitement” comes from have to say “I told you so” for the past few hires. I’m tired of seeing the same thing play out regime after regime.

Point blank, you’re making the hire, who would it be this time around?

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I thought Steele’s introductory press conference was good- I was pumped about it.

I was a little concerned that the CSU assistant wasnt offered a chance to go to Mizzou but Gates also didnt take Dru Joyce. I have zero concerns that he wasnt offered a chance to stay at CSU with a new staff. That would be rare

I liked the resume about the guy we got today

Same… I’m not arguing. Just not excited, like I said in my first post, and that is why. I feel like everyone is up in arms with EVERY hire we have made on the hoops side just because it is a change.

We all want best for Miami… I’m just tired of seeing the same thing play out with every hire. And it has been the same.


We will have to agree to disagree about the press conference

I was told that not only was Dru offered a spot to stay at Cleveland State, but he went back to coach with Dambrot…