Another season where we lose both our big rivalry games, UC and OU. Unacceptable. How can anyone get excited with this team? How do you build fan momentum. Great we don’t win OOC games. Then you damn well win the games that matter. And no game matters more in conference than OU. A 1-7 team. Way to fucking go Chuck!

Agree - we must have 1 or more (preferably more) of the following EVERY YEAR:
OOC FBS wins
UC win
OU win

This year = ZERO

I almost value this list as much as a MACC because if you win those, you are likely on track to win more.

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Excuse me, but we own the illustrious Redbird Rivalry trophy.


This will be featured on the Chuck Martin contract extension graphic!

That thing looks like an 11th grade woodshop project painted with a can of cheap spray paint.

Chuck Martin Extended Indefinitely:

  1. Beats most FCS teams, in fact holds a winning record against non-FBS;
  2. Wins 60% of MAC games against “500” teams;
  3. Really enjoys playing ND;
  4. Is emphatic that Miami is the top bird in the Redbird rivalry;
  5. Thinks Miami is cheap, but loves a good trophy; and,
  6. Has beaten OU at least once in the last two years!