Wanted to pay my respects to the old site with a greatest hits collection.

  • “Croatia has 20 prospects just as good as Christian Pulisic.” -trumpetdaddy
  • “A 33% two pointer is more efficient than a 28% three pointer.” -skins
  • “A convincing win by Navy in the AAC championship game would justify moving them ahead of WMU.” -AORedhawk33
  • “Is the Louisville prostitution scandal really that big of a deal?” -Quinoaburger
  • “John Cooper literally stole money from Miami by not resigning after year 4.” -NWORedhawk
  • “The Yankees are a bunch of bums who can’t beat Tomlin and the worst catcher in the league.” -DSnyder15
  • “I don’t know if hiring John Harbaugh would be a good idea. The last Miami grad didn’t win a game in almost two years.” -greggie76
  • “I don’t think I’m going to post much today about the game.” -Bluesman
  • “Love Big Ben, but he kinda got us off track.” -El13
  • “I didn’t need to see Mrs. Crawford doing YMCA in her yoga pants with Swoop. Have some self-respect for cryin’ out loud, your husband is the President!” -digitalhawk
  • Posts a picture of Massive Headwound Harry immediately after a Miami baseball player gets taken off the field in an ambulance with a head injury -The_Sackman
  • “The quarterfinal against France could be the most watched women’s soccer game ever in the US.” -Spanks004
  • “You old guys are some real funny characters…Enjoy your upcoming 4-8 season jerkoffs.” -watson99
  • “The person who outed the cop, made derisive comments and then used profanity does not belong on this site.” -nyredhawk
  • “I’m hearing Jack Owens will be fired tomorrow.” -19goSkins
  • “Craig Smith reminds me of John Cooper.” -yanksalex
  • “The 2019 men’s basketball team will win 25 games and be the MAC champion.” -Redhawkbball
  • “In the next 10 days Miami is more likely to have an alcohol related death than someone contract coronavirus.” -2xHawk, 3/11/20

I still don’t know whether Butler played man or zone in that one game in 2004.

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I’m not sure how many iterations ago that was. I only became aware of MHT in like 2014 and I was locked out of registering until we moved over to the test site about a year later.

If I don’t add this Yanks will:

“Armand Robinson reminds me of Hines Ward” -Bluesman

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Still ELITE.

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Free yanksalex


I stand by my initial reaction to Sack’s post. I don’t care who you are, Massive Headwound Harry was hilarious, especially when that dog got a hold of him.



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“Cavs should’ve drafted Shelvin Mack over Kyrie Irving.” -ProfessorFate

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Always a hoot. That said, Evan Mobley appears to be ELITE.

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“I think we still win 20 games this season.” -Quinoaburger

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Perhaps if we add the men’s and women’s together. Perhaps.

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here are some of my favorites:

Minnesota: 5/24/05 Miami announces 3-game series: @2007, 2009, @2011 “Miami chose to renegotiate and defer the home game to a later year as it signed the Colorado contract which guaranteed it a home game on primetime with ESPN on a Friday night.”

Boise State: 7/13/05 Miami announces 2-game series: 2009, 2010. “We have great respect for Boise State and look forward to traveling there in 2009 and hosting the Broncos in 2010.”-Brad Bates. Miami honors its end by playing at Boise in 2009. See UK fallout for remainder of this contract

Colorado:7/25/2006 Miami announces 2-game series: 2007, 2009 (Home) “This is an exciting series for our program,” Montgomery said. “Being able to play a nationally-prominent program at a great venue next season while expanding our geographic appeal is a great opportunity in itself. But to be able to bring the University of Colorado into Yager Stadium in 2009 will make for a truly special day for our supporters.” To accommodate the addition of Colorado to its future schedules, Miami is working with Minnesota to move its originally scheduled 2009 home game with the Gophers to a different season.

Kentucky: 3/26/09: Miami announces a 2-game series: 2009, 2013

Missouri 6/4/09: Miami announces 2-game series: 2010, 2012 The series with Missouri is a two-year deal that will feature games in Columbia in 2010 and in Oxford in 2012.

Minnesota: 5/24/11 Miami announces 3-game series: 2007, 2009(Home) , 2011


Kentucky fallout: for some reason Brad Bates decided that the UK game HAD to happen in 2009. He was looking for a big payday. However, here’s what Miami gave up:

  1. The loss of a home football game vs. B12 Colorado on ESPN on a Friday night [Toledo ended up hosting the game and beat Colorado]
  2. The MBB team forced to play an away basketball game played at Colorado in 2009 with NO compensation (est. loss of $80k)
  3. The MBB team forced to schedule a home/home basketball game with Towson State (this was to appease Northwestern for causing it scheduling issues) was forced to be scheduled.
  4. The loss of hosting Boise AND forced to play an additional game to be played at Boise as a replacement for Bowling Green.
  5. Only a $750k payday from game at PBS. Because of the terrible fan turnout (only 42k at game) Miami didn’t earn as much $$ as it thought it would. Surprise!
  6. Miami takes only $500k to play at UK in 2010 at a $300k discount
  7. a complete screw-up of the 2009 FB schedule causing Miami to play only 1 true home game the first 7 weeks of the season!
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I am always in awe every time you post this, Nick. Professional malpractice as an AD - how Bates ever got his gig with BC after what he did with the football schedule is unbelievable.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane with the old site…I go way back to Steve’s MAC message chat which was in the late 90’s. I traveled extensively in my job and many an evening in my hotel room after a long day I dialed up internet access and exchanged views w RedSteve, Mollaut, DoDo, Matt S, Devilgrad, and a few non Miami participants like the annoying guy from Toledo and the WMU fan (Horsepower I think) who hated Marshall with a passion.