Regionals start today

ESPNU has 4 games today, starting at 12, 3, 6, and 9. Minnesota State has an early 2-0 lead over Harvard in a #1/#4 matchup. The NCHC has 5 of the 16 bids. Denver and Western Michigan are #1, Duluth and North Dakota are #2, and St. Cloud is #3. Games continue Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Minnesota State knocked out Harvard.

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Duluth beats Michigan Tech 3-0

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ND beats ND 2-1 in overtime

The first ND being Notre Dame, the second ND being North Dakota

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Denver beats Lowell, 3-2

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Hope Miami can get back in the Tourney within 5 seasons

Today there are 4 more games on TV. ESPNU has games at 12, 3, and 6 and ESPN News has one ay 8:00. NCHC went 2-1 yesterday, Western Michigan plays at noon and St. Cloud at 8.

If Michigan, WMU, and Minnesota win today (certainly possible, maybe even probable) then there will be no eastern teams left.

Of course, the Worcester region gives home ice advantage to Massachusetts schools that don’t deserve it, so I’m not sure how likely it is that both WMU and Minnesota advance. But it’s good to see that lousy Worcester tradition continues for another March.

Edit: I forgot about Quinnipiac. So 1 out of 8 is from the East.

WM wins in OT, their first NCAA win ever ( previously 0-7). One game from the Frozen Four!

Michigan beats AIC 5-2


Minnesota beats UMass 4-3 in overtime

Western Michigan plays Minnesota on Sunday



Quinnipiac beats St Cloud 5-4

Quinnipiac plays Michigan on Sunday

3 years. And beat BU with Colby Cohen doing the “sideline” reporting!

Saturday’s games are two regional finals. At 4:00 on ESPNU there is an all NCHC game between Minnesota-Duluth and Denver. At 6:30 also on ESPNU it is Notre Dame vs Minnesota State.

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I changed the channel literally every time he started talking.

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Crazy isn’t it? Since joining the NCHC, Western has become the best they’ve ever been in history.

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Denver beats Duluth 2-1

Pioneers are off to Boston

Almost as though being a MAC school doesn’t mean you don’t have the resources to compete in the NCHC

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Western has found value in hockey. When schools find value in programs (academic or athletic) they teams to come up with a plan for success.

Also, Minnesota State beats Notre Dame 1-0

Mavericks are heading to Beantown

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