REAL LIFE Fun Exercise - You’re the Miami AD

You’re the Miami AD.

Miami has a home game scheduled against new CUSA member Liberty on Oct 7, 2023. Liberty already has four games scheduled against MAC teams in 2023 but will probably need to postpone or cancel all but one in order to play their new eight or nine game conference schedule. Do you see opportunity here?

If so, what’s your move? Try to keep Liberty as a 2023 home game in Oxford or cancel it and look for either a buy game on the road or perhaps another more attractive home game?

All three of your other 2023 OOC games are away games: @ Miami FL, @ UMass and @Cincinnati. Do you offer a cancellation to Liberty and call Alabama, Auburn or Penny State. Do you try to entice a Northwestern, Kansas or Pittsburgh to travel to Oxford? Do you go shopping for an FCS squad with an open date?

You also have a game scheduled against Liberty in Lynchburg in 2025 that might need to be canceled.

You go into the national FBS schedule database and find that a number of teams still have OOC games they need to schedule on Oct 7, 2023. Lots of options. What’s your move?

Teams with OOC Open Dates on Oct 7, 2023

Georgia Tech







Penn State




Middle Tennessee

Southern Mississippi







If that game does indeed get cancelled, I’m looking for an FCS team to come to Oxford in the hope of a winnable game that will count toward bowl eligibility. That road OOC schedule is already brutal. Better to have a great look at 2-2 and hope for better than to all but lock in 1-3 with another toughy.

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I haven’t looked at the contract for the series, but I would assume there’s a clause that reduces or eliminates the buyout if Liberty gets a conference invitation. If there’s no buyout, I’d call them right away to see about canceling so that we can be on the front foot in scheduling a replacement.

UConn is probably the most obvious candidate. They have 6H/4A on their schedule for 2023 and 4H/6A on their schedule for 2025, so we could do a direct replacement home and home series with them to fill the gaps on the schedules.

To clarify - ALL The schools listed ACTUALLY do have room on their schedules to add an OOC gsme on that very date - Oct 7, 2023.

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The contract looks like there is no buyout provided that the game is replaced with a team of “similar stature”. Assume that would be any FBS team and you’d have to make a good faith effort to replace. I’d be fine with any FCS team. But a home G5 game would be fine too.

Really think the home/home with UConn makes the most sense. You bring in a G5 team with brand recognition (as bad as it might be in football) and you’re still a heavy favorite even though it isn’t an FCS team.


…add a home/home with the UConn basketball team as well.

I remember when Notre Dame canceled a Miami football game and Miami’s AD at the time was able to get $$$ as well as 2 home/2 away MBB games with Notre Dame (during the Wally years). Not sure if this is a situation where bringing Liberty MBB is much of a prize for cancelling the contract.

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Was thinking home and home with UCONN myself

Men’s or women’s ? Really. We could sell out a women’s game. Won’t happen, but it’s worth asking.

Easy. Road game against Georgia Tech. We have a tradition of going on the road and knocking out the Yellow Jackets.

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