RB Room

Without a doubt (imo), the deepest position on the team this year is the RB group. Let’s take a look at the room:

Keyon Mozee: transfer from Kansas State that splashed onto the scene last season. Led the team in rushing and has dynamic speed.

Jaylon Bester: at one point was our best back. Injury has derailed his career some, but he should be back to 100% this season.

Tyre Shelton: Has the makings of being a very good back in this league. But like Bester, is still working his way back from a major injury.

Kenny Tracy - As a true freshman he showed signs of being a physical runner that this team needs. Had a good bowl game.

Jordan Brunson: transfer from Virginia Tech who has seemingly been turning some heads in camp. Another bigger back as well.

Kevin Davis: Another speed guy that made some big plays last season. Could be used at WR some.

Darez Snider is in there too. I think he played in the bowl game, but I don’t know too much about him. Seems like a Bester type.

Sooo how does this division of labor go? I’m fine with rotating some, but I also think there is something to be said for an OL/RB getting into a rhythm. I don’t think you can do that by having a new guy out there every series. Is CM going to feel obligated to play Bester even if he’s not quite back to his old self? Could lack of carries stunt Tracy’s growth? Interested to see how this shakes out.


Keeping this many guys happy will be tough…but as you said, Davis is sort of a Swiss army knife, Mozee has been a receiver as well, but I really like him at back. Mozee is really good.

Issue for Mozee being “featured” is everyone loves Bester, and how can you not root for him…when 100% was really dynamic.

I think it will be Mozee and Bester sharing the early downs, see how it goes with health and production.
Davis situational and Tracy gets nod on power plays, unless Brunson takes it from him, then it’s those four guys in the main rotation Mozee/Bester and Tracy/Brunson…Davis to mix things up and passing downs.

Snider is r-Fr? think he just waits for opportunity…kick/punt returns, maybe?

Some clips of various backs here…Jordan Brunson (#26) looks tough to beat going up the gut.

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Kevin Davis was actually listed on the football roster that was handed out at the Fall Scrimmage as a WR. I assume that he is going to be used more as a slot guy if that is accurate.
He still is listed as RB on the Miami football website.
Either way, he clearly is a hybrid talent with his speed.


Makes sense…

I’m in favor of giving Mozee the bulk of the touches. He’s an electric athlete that can change the game with one play. I would spell him with Shelton and only the occasional series for Bester. It’s commendable how Bester has battled back, but I just think the others have passed him by.

Give either Tracy or Brunson the short yardage/goal line/late game clock killing carries.

As you guys have said, Davis will likely see more time in the slot. I’m sure he’ll get a few jet-sweep type carries, but probably not much more than that.

I am very excited to see Brunson, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up getting the majority of carries and then Mozee, Bester, Shelton

completely forgot about Shelton…this is tough, agreed not sure how Bester will hold up.

CM discusses the RB group. Nothing too earth shattering, but you can tell he’s high on Shelton returning. Not as much for Bester.


This group feels special. I’m old school but to have 5-6 backs that are all quality is how to win on offense. We don’t need to be as risky with the deep ball.


With such a large number of quality backs let’s go old school and run the Wishbone!


I just got a little teary eyed reading that.


I just hope CM isn’t still enamored with his 8 back system, where runners come in cold and none of them get a chance to get hot.

They can all get a chance to get hot in a wishbone offense!

I summon the ghost of Emory Bellard (or was it Tex Schram?) to bring the Wishbone to Oxford! We’d be on ESPN immediately. Huge earned media opportunity.

The option like we had in the 70’s! But first you need a QB who can run and also throw a little (like Sherm Smith)! Also helps to have a future NFL stalwart like Rob Carpenter at RB.


Yea, I’d prefer we don’t run the option with a QB who’s been put on every watch list available to him, including POY


You mean an offense that features a Maxwell watchlist quarterback, Hippenhammer, Walker, Davis, Marshall, Coldiron, Muersch, and Snider shouldn’t go all in on the running game?


3 yards and a cloud of dust!!!

Miami is going to be throwing a bunch…it so happens that a fair amount of the time it may be to a RB.

Re Tyre

There you have R16…he is back! Hopefully stays healthy!

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It is remarkable to me that Kenny Tracy is getting so little love and attention here. I thought he finished the year as our #1 back and he is a great receiver too.