QB to make more than coach thanks to NIL deal

Quarterback recruit Jaden Rashada is apparently going to get paid quite handsomely as he joins the Miami Hurricanes football program.

Jeremy Crabtree of On3 reported the 4-star prospect and No. 7 quarterback in the class of 2023, per 247 Sports, agreed to a $9.5 million name, image and likeness deal with Miami booster John Ruiz and also turned down an $11 million offer from Florida’s Gator Collective.

“Jaden left millions on the table,” Michael W. Caspino, who is known as an NIL lawyer, said. “Millions. He did not pick the highest offer. He went there because he loves Miami, the coaches and the opportunity.”

Caspino also said Florida’s NIL collective needs some work in this new era of college football.

“Florida is the most dysfunctional collective in all of college football,” he said. “I plan on steering my clients away from them. From my standpoint, I never ever want to deal with them again. If it weren’t for the collective that’s completely dysfunctional at Florida, he probably would have been there.”

The collective responded with a statement saying it never communicated with the lawyer:


Ain’t this some unsustainable BS!


The U will still be stuck in 3rd gear. If I had the funds, I’d pool it so many more athletes than just one player could benefit. 9 large spread over 200 kids is still a colossal amount. And to think… I got a dining hall pass and tutoring. And it was great!


FWIW Rashada, Caspino and Ruiz are all denying this.

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