Preseason Lists

…a bit surprised to see BGSU with so many

Neither here nor there…we are double-digits in representation, with all that we lost on D, not bad at all.


They went 4 deep with their teams so it was a bit confusing

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yeah…four deep and no

Think he has what it takes to be one of the best in the league…no matter, just surprised on BG, maybe they had good recruiting or did they make a push last year?

Hot takes…

Ketchup on eggs, Mac n Cheese (everything really)…but jelly on grilled cheese (huh, sweet and savory, might try!).

Boo to “licorice” jelly bean…deceptively white jelly beans (if coconut or pineapple) are the best…

I think not adding John Saunders to that list will be a big mistake by the end of the season.

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Pretty impressive that Rusty has only really played one year at center and they already consider him first team. Also a bit odd that Kent State’s QB who hasn’t really played but yet he is fourth team-if I am one of the other 8 QBs in the MAC I would be offended😀


It’s not where you start, it’s where you end.

My copy of the Athlon magazine arrived a couple of days ago. Miami is predicted to go 7-5 (6-2) before losing to NIU in the MACC. The overall rank is 85th. The projected bowl bid is the Camellia Bowl vs. South Alabama.

This continues the streak of Athlon never predicting Miami to win the MAC.