Prediction Thursday

Good guys 20
Golden weirdos 32

I will be very happy to be wrong.

Miami - 37
Kent State - 6

27-24 us


Good guys 28 Flashers from state of Kent 21

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Miami with an explosion of offense 24
Flashes (four TD called back) 21.

Miami 38
Kent Read, Kent Write, Kent State 10

Maimi 34
Kent state 31

31-21 RedHawks

Miami 31 Kent 27

Our defense actually had a lot of success against their offense the first two times we played against it before getting lit up last year. If the defense holds and the offense is able to consistently get 4-5 yards on the ground while running the clock and shortening the game, I could see 24-20 MU. If we can’t do those things, this could get really ugly, like 45-20 KSU.


Miami 20-17. Lot of posts thinking Miami can score 30 points?

I am fascinated by those that think Miami can score 30 or more points. Question for those making that type of prediction: are all those points from the offense or do they include 10 or more points from defensive scores? Because Miami’s offense is averaging less than 20 points a game. Thanks.


Mine includes two pick 6s and a safety by the Miami defense and kick-off returned for a TD by special teams.

Honestly, that is about the only way we score 30 or more. Based on past performance by the offense this year, that is. Well maybe Bash you are exaggerating a little, but your point is well taken.

Kent State----too much
Miami U----not enough


This does seems like a tall order. KSU has averaged giving up 39 ppg to the #5,#7, and #18 offenses in the country. Miami is currently ranked #118 / 131. I have maintained that we need to be in the upper 20’s to win 4-5 MAC games. In my heart I think that we can win this game I just can’t envision the scenario. Bash’s logic seems as good as any.


Hope=17-13 us
Reality =24-10 them

…and please, no double reverses in the Red Zone.

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Kent over the last few years runs plays quicker than any team in the nation. That usually leads to a lot more possessions and points than in a normal Miami game. Last year’s game at Kent was in the 40’s. That would be the reason that some of us pick Miami to score more than we have all year.


The Flashes really had a problem with ball security last week against Ohio. Ohio wasn’t bothered by the Flash Fast offense. Most of Kent’s glitzy offensive numbers went for naught - and they actually should have lost a couple of fumbles they recovered. It was a low scoring game. Kent trailed the struggling Bobcats 17-10 until 4:11 in the fourth when Cepheus got behind the D on the right side and made a circus catch in the end zone. Ohio took the lead on a long Kurtis Rourke pass at 3:54 and Kent came back to tie it with about two minutes to play. Kent won it in OT.

I get extra credit for filing this report. I had to listen to Michael Reghi’s call of the game. Unfortunately, we get him this week on the Plus. I think I’ll turn down the TV and listen to the radio feed with Bake.

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