Prediction Thursday - WMU

In the fine Hawktalk tradition:

Good guys 24
Kalamazoo kids 17

Miami’s FB season so far:


Pretty easy to predict; W

How about 23-19.

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Miami 23 WMU 19
Taking the Under

Us 3 Them 2


Miami 24
Wmu 19

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Smith the QB…17 us—14 them—coaches will make it exciting to the bitter end… We score 14 in the first quarter and have two first downs and five three and outs until… Late in the 3rd quarter we intercept them and run it back to Western’s 4. A penalty, two runs up the middle and a sack later we settle for a field goal from the 35. Forth quarter, we get it going two first downs and three three and outs. Gotta’ love that offense don’t you?

Then, as time runs out, the Westies miss a field goal from the 52.

Nirvana baby! And I’m gonna’ spend my time and few bucks in beautiful Oxford this Saturday to sit there and enjoy another AS masterpiece. At least I’ll enjoy a bit of tailgating!

Anybody other QB on the roster…us 27—them 10.

“Give me an H”…“Give me another H” What’s it spell??? … OFFENSE!!!


Yea Us?

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42-17 Us

Hey Ballcoach1…who’s our QB that we’re scoring 42 points?

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15-14 MIAMI 5 field goals.


Go out on a limb and say we score 24 points (woo who!), and win 24-17. I do this assuming that if our QB play does not improve that the coaches will finally try something else to loosen up the defense.

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This game has become a bit of a coaching litmus test, as a coach who might be creeping towards a hot seat plays to preserve the only current bragging right he has - a home winning streak - against an underperforming team whose coach is probably squarely on a hot seat already. Lester inherited a program that PJ Fleck took to a NY6 bowl game and has been overseeing a death spiral over the past five seasons.

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17-16…we get a safety, they miss extra point. CM heralds a great win!


I don’t really care how we score as long as we win. Therefore, I’ll say 3-0 comes out on topover the ponies. Turn them to glue, boys!

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I’ll go with my usual…

Miami - 37 *
Western Michigan - 6

  • includes a pick 6, two safeties, a punt return for a TD, and a successful two point conversion.
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How many think Coach inserts a new QB somewhere meaningful during the game?

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Only if Smith is injured will a new QB be used.


We have won 16 straight home games. We are 1-5 in our last 6 road MAC games ( 4 points was the biggest loss) So we are a lot better at home than on the road. A lot better. Miami 24 WM 17.

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Nobody came close this week.

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This was close…just wishful thinking…:wink: