Prediction Thursday - Kent State

Good guys 24
Goldendoodles 20

My gut says we beat them by at least 2 TDs but my mind knows it’s a MAC game and sometimes the games get weird.

They’re terrible. 38-14.

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31-20 Miami

Miami 34-24.

Miami 34
Golden Trashes 17

I really hope this isn’t a Chuck Special…35-21 Skins.

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28-17. Good guys

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Not making a prediction (never do), but looking at Kent’s depth chart, 2 of their starting OL are 265 pounds. If our DL and LB can’t take advantage of that, then we have issues.


Kent covers - barely. Miami 27-Flashes 14. Kent hired well. They’ll be a consistent threat in two years.

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Kent is weak defensively but capable on offense. So maybe 37 to 20 RedHawks.

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44-13…“Miami Scoring Machine” rolls on.

PS3 NCAA 13 Prediction:
Miami 24
Kent 21

MU. 38 KS 21

Any win is good of course.

Miami 10-14-7-0 = 31
Kent. 7-0-7-7. =. 21

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Our D line is a conundrum. Sometime they look ok, other times they look completely overmatched.

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That’s why I had us only winning 34-24, as I figure the D will still give up some chunk yards and TD’s

P.S. but hoping we blow them out by 3 TD’s!

Miami 45
Kent Read, Kent Write, Kent State 17

Miami Redskins win 23-21

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35-19 us.