Prediction Thursday - BUGS

Good guys 20
Smashing Pumpkin kids 27

Miami - 37
BG - 6

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Miami 24 BG 17

Good Guys 24

Other Guys 21

31-21. The Ested in 1809 comes out on top.

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Miami 27
Bg 22

Miami 27 BG 17

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I am perplexed by this. We are the good guys. We also traditionally smashed pumpkins to get ready for BG.

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Miami 38



Miami 27-17.

Miami 24-10

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Here are a few facts and speculations.
Buffalo, as we all know, has already beaten Miami. Buffalo is undefeated in the MAC and has to lose two games to give Mimi a shot at the MAC East title and a trip to Detroit for the MAC Championship…at the same time Miami has to win out to get that shot, a second loss even if Buffalo loses two games will not work as Miami will have lost the head-to-head tiebreaker against Buffalo.
Buffalo’s two toughest games would appear to be against Kent and Toledo, though both are home games for the Bulls…(Crap).
There will be strong pressure on Miami to win out and, until Buffalo loses two games, the pressure will be unrelenting; still Miami just has to focus on the game at hand and let the chips fall where they may.

Turning to tomorrow: Let’s call it Miami 27—Bugs 17…

Miami- 38-17 over BG

Miami 24, BGSU 21

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Quick start in 1st half and early 3rd and we get the two H guys QB’s in and let 'em rip and see what we’ve got. Our QB controversy isn’t when Brett comes back, Brett’s the man and has proven it. It’s between Aveon and the H guys. for Brett’s backup.

MHawks 38
BGSUcks 14

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Coach said something about Jack Coldiron breaking his hand in 2nd half Kent St; meaning last year?

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“The two H guys”? What does that mean?

Hesson and Humphreys would be my guess