Peyton Scott

In an interview on MuRedHawk. com, Coach Hendrix talked about the status of Peyton Scott. It speaks to the total lack of coverage by outside sources that this information was pretty much unknown by the public until Peyton was not suited up for the Malone exhibition game.

In last year’s final game, in the first half, Peyton drove the lane, got knocked down and was injured and helped to the bench. She appeared to be seriously injured and never returned to the game. She evidently had surgery the next week and was recovering and then rehabbing ever since. She has just recently started practicing and Coach Hendrix said that when she returns to game action it will not be for her normal 35 minutes a game as she needs to work her way back into game shape. So maybe a few minutes at a time. Coach did not say when she would return to action, but I got the feeling that she does expect her to return to full health.

Having watched Peyton play for 3 years, her game is a very physical game, taking charges, diving on the floor, averaging 5 or 6 rebounds a game despite being a 5-8 guard, Several times every game she drives the bucket, looks to draw contact, and goes sprawling or sliding on the court, often completing an old fashioned 3 point play. People are often tentative when returning from a major injury, but being tentative goes against her very nature. Much of our overall success this season depends on her successful rehabilitation and her return to full ability. Hopefully sooner than later.

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That is too bad for her and the team. I hope Sayler doesnt let this be an excuse for what should be the coaches last year


David saylor doesn’t know what he is doing gave Owens an contract extension then fired him


Without Peyton Scott or with a limited Peyton Scott, the 2022-23 season is going to get very ugly fast.


Plus no bench. I hate to say it but I would be kinda shocked if we get 10 wins all year. And that includes D3 or D2. Here’s hoping I’m wrong. Still can’t understand why in 2022 with a fully funded team, we can’t find quality backups. Even if the coaching is bad, there are transfers and JC or internationals.


They lost two players this fall, both of whom had averaged double digits in their first season. It was probably too late to find quality replacements. None the less, sometimes it is better to have a smaller group who is all pulling together. We will see how it all works out.

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I can certainly appreciate the timing is tough but there has to be an option. It’s not fair to the players health to have no bench. Find someone at MU Hamilton on the lady’s team (assuming they have one). It would be a dream come true for that player. And I would assume they would be immediately eligible given they are in the university system. Maybe I’m wrong though about how this works?

Isn’t the bigger question to be answered why no one wants to play for this head coach?


I think it’s a fair point.


That’s the issue. Why did two sophomores, both significant contributors, leave the program so close to the season? These kids spent the whole summer in Oxford working with their teammates, only to quit? It’s hard not to speculate that their relationship with the coach or staff played a role.


True, but being a former coach, I usually think the coaches are doing the right thing. Davidson was a starter her first year, lost that spot in her second year, then left the team after school started this year. My guess is that she was not happy with her role this year. She has never redshirted, maybe she is going to take the year off then hit the transfer portal and play somewhere else. If so, my advice to her is to go a lesser level, either lower D-1 or DII where you can actually get your opportunity to start and maybe be a bigger part of the team.

Battle missed her first season at Miami with an injury, then last year started part time. She is a 5-7 guard who is a scorer, particularly strong in taking it to the hole and finishing or getting fouled. Her problem is that she is blocked by Peyton Scott and Ivy Wolf who both play big minutes and both are guards. She was probably our 3rd or 4th best player last year. Sometimes we play 3 guards, but less than half the time. She should hook on somewhere and should be able to find a spot where she will play all the time and be a playmaker and scorer. Again, she should be careful to find a program where she will get to play, that is more important than looking for the best program you can find.