Open Scrimmage

Per Miami Mens Basketball Twitter there will be an open scrimmage on October 22. More details to follow. Great opportunity to see the new team.


Here are the details:

11am Doors Open to Public (free)

12 pm Red/White Scrimmage


Anyone going to be able to make it to this today?

Leaving shortly.


I will be there - likely sitting with DICK, who should be on the road by now.

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We would appreciate live updates! And then a nice detailed summary! Many thanks!


Yes please!


Hoopsjunkie be like:

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Had tire blowout on I70 from columbus. At tire place in Springfield hoping they can fix it . Wanted to go. Great weather. Tailgating may be out waitng for repairs.


Hang in there. Sounds like a pretty crummy way to start game day

Left glasses in car, so no live tweeting. Report coming soon. Sure looks like a good crowd for football is possible, Oxford packed.

Safford, Etzler and Harrison sat out. Safford has nerve issue in calf, possibly out three weeks👎The three ‘23 commits were there, sitting at end of bench. Teams played two quarters with three officials. Steele watched from opposite side of floor, not too involved. Decent smattering of friends and family in attendance.

A lot of up and down action, usual amount of turnovers and missed layups. Kamari was the standout to me, got his team out to a big lead, scoring from everywhere. I thought Billy Smith looked good-bigger and more physical than I expected. I think he could be a really good one in the MAC. The team seems to have all the pieces. Some good shot blocking from Lewis and Jaquel. Anderson had his moments. Some nice cleaning up inside. Swished his first two free throws, then lost his touch.

No clue who the five starters are. Lairy, Williams and Safford if healthy. Really like how Mabrey plays, kind of an assassin. He and Smith can really shoot.

More later.


Thanks, Digital. Look forward to more reports from you and others.

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I realize there are five 2023 commits. Eian Elmer and Mekhi Cooper may have been there, but weren’t on that bench.


We only have 2023 commits. And 5 of them. Steele and staff busy recruiting

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Skins was in the house…

Short story:

Anderson needs to finish, but looks to have good fitness, good passer, feather touch

Billy Simth will contibute, so will Mabry…that said both looked a bit shaky off bounce.

Walkon Eli may help…

Tatum had nice shots off bounce and seems capable…will have some bad moments…could have good contributions.

Mekhi was sort of taking it easy…but he and Kamari look ready.

Morris and Rylee dont look like frosh…


Tatum looked very aggressive and seemed like the backup point guard. I thought Rylee looked a little undersized- he and Smith looked about the same size to me.

The highlight for me was talking with Darrell Hedric before the game. He was sitting near me by himself so I went over, introduced myself and proceeded to reprise the Chris Farley/Paul McCartney interview from SNL (“Remember when you beat Marquette?”…). He was a good sport about it. Said Steele doesn’t take any grief and just needs to mesh the pieces. He diplomatically said the “last 12 years” were not good. Agrees there’s reason to be excited.


Yeah, when Rylee and Lewis were together doing their bit on the website. They were at least the same size and Lewis is listed at 6’6".

Nah…I’m nearly 6-5" in bball shoes, stood right next to em…theres Rylee next to Smith, Rylee a fair amount thicker, bigger upper body…and they both had height on me…Kamari is slight but way stronger this year and all of 6-7, same with Smith 6-7 and Rylee taller, bigger than Smith.

Consider Eli is ~6’2 to 6’3ish…Rylee, #5 towering in photo here… a good 6-7/8.

Rylee is a big kid, surprised on Morris size…nice kid and good build 6-7ish 220…did not back down from Anderson.