Online Ticket Question

Question for you ticket holders.

  1. How much does Miami charge for processing fees for buying tickets online?

  2. I’ve read through the whole handout on purchasing online tickets and it seems too involved for a simple purchase. Isn’t there an app Miami can use to do this ticketing? My old high school’s conference went to digital tickets, last season, and it’s simple as anything. Also, processing fees are less than $1 per transaction.

To answer the questions ahead. Yes, I’m cheap. Why does online ticketing have to be so complex in relation to other schools?

I was going to buy tickets for the KSU game online the other day. Got to the checkout and the fees were insane. Why would anyone purchase them online? Other than maybe hockey, there is no fear of a sellout.

Thanks for the advice and feedback, @Redhawks16!

I bought a ticket for a basketball game, before COVID, online and the fees made Ticketmaster look like the ultimate bargain. Lesson learned from then but I was hoping that the fees had gone down from then.

COVID changed the game with online tickets. When high schools can sell game day tickets with fees less than $1 and year long athletic passes, online, with fees of less than $5, Miami needs to start looking outside for help and come up with another method to sell online tickets, cheaper and easier.

But if that takes the ticketing structure away from Millett, then we know the answer.

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