One late holiday gift

If anyone who is on the men’s coaching staff is reading this, I want you to know I got everything I wanted gift wise save for one thing. And you can help make it happen! Here goes: would you please run the doggone picket fence one time during the St. Mary’s of the Woods game? Or, maybe let a player draw up the set? Either way, it has to be something never done in a game by MU before. I think would be fun to see it on social media. Look, I know you treat every game seriously, so if for whatever reason not in the cards, I understand. A guy can dream!
Ps: if you want inspiration, my idea is a play called “Jumping Jack Flash” where by all players stop and do 15 jumping jacks as they surround the primary ball handler (Larry) who then kicks around their back and hits a 3.

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Check it out


Just one time! Proves the ISU team has my sense of humor. And!!! Against a D1 team no less. Ps, I don’t even care if it’s that play. As long as it’s something fun to watch. Ok. Bonkers to watch. Heck, it happens in football all the time. Why not hoops?