Norse beat

Bearcats…ugh, why not us ever?

I suppose we get our shot this year.

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11 second half points! Memories of us vs. UD!

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I know…that’s a once every 5 year effort for most teams…unlikely we get so lucky.

For those who complain MU isn’t covered enough by Cincy media, good luck finding this score on the Enquirer. It’s absolutely buried in the digital version which I assume is the same approximate format as the analogue version.

And Isaiah Collier commits to USC. Bad day for Bearcats.

Let the record show, Miami only scored 8 in the first half vs UD

If people think last night was brutal, roll that UD tape, lol.

Yes…8 of 60!!!

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Damn it. They took off the box score link. That’s the best part of the story.