No More Alumni Email for LIfe

Did anyone get the the email this afternoon letting everyone know that next year alumni will no longer have email access for life? Don’t use Miami as my primary email but it was nice to have for certain uses.

Also received it. I still have some stuff I signed up for in college go to my .edu email. Going to miss it.

I got a rotary phone for life.


Does that mean no more Blue Books for life for us dinosaurs?

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The headline is that they’re getting rid of email, but it’s not just that. They’re actually yanking everybody’s entire Google accounts.

This is a problem for me because I had bought some ebooks through Google and they’re associated with my Miami Google account. Google doesn’t allow you to transfer ebooks from one account to another, so I’ll have no access to those ebooks through Google Books once my Miami Google account gets deleted. After a couple hours of research and experimentation, it appears that the only viable way to continue to access them is doing a mass download, saving them locally, and opening them to read in Adobe (which makes them a hassle to access, is much less user friendly, and takes up storage space). Unless @Spanks004 has any alternative ideas.

Between this and all the media that’s been getting deleted/altered for tax write offs and wrongthink lately, physical media is looking better and better by the day.

I never knew this was a thing.

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Barnes and Noble or the book seller of your choice, or there’s always the local library. Many of which have digital services available as well. But as convenient as digital cloud storage and streaming are, you’re not the actual owner of any material. If there’s a physical form available of any piece of media that you really like, it’s always safest to get a hard copy. Or at the very least, download the ditgital file onto a personal server or hard drive. Corporate servers often change, and not everything makes the transition, and more importantly, licensing agreements with the rights holders expire and that book/movie/album/video game/et cetera that you love will no longer be available. Even in cases where you explicitly paid for the digital copy. There is nothing you can do about it because this is part of the agreement you make when you click buy in the first place.

The blue book frequents one of my recurring Miami nightmares…

It’s rare, but some digital media is sold without DRM (digital right management) which means you do effectively own it since you can freely copy it to different devices. But yes, vast majority of the time you’re just buying a license to download it and that can be revoked.

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