NIL and WSJ Today

Here is an interesting article in today’s WSJ (front page) about collectives at universities creating the downfall of college sports. Only a handful of schools will be able to keep up like this…

Damn good read, this here book!

Who knew the NCAA’s lack of leadership would have drastic negative consequences……

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Anyone who understands just how greedy and desperate the big guys are to win could see this a mile away. A football coach who has millions in the bank could practically just take one year’s salary and create a DBA and fund his own NIL. Nothing to stop them.

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It’s funny how you people had no problem with Nick Saban and Dabo Swinney making millions of dollars coaching, but the players getting their hands on some cash is supposedly the downfall of college athletics. Give me a break.

It’s called capitalism. It’s called commerce.


I’m pretty sure everyone here was complaining about how unsustainable coaching salaries had gotten years ago.


I am not dismissing your point because there’s a lot of truth to it, but it’s not 1:1. The scholarship (full ride) was the payment. Just wasn’t deemed to be payment enough.