Nike Sibande ACC 6th MOY

Nike had a terrific year to e named 6th MOY in ACC is a huge honor. I guess I’m happy for him. He played hard for us. Was a good teammate. Not always under control but stallions are often a little feisty.
We have had some athletes who have excelled after transferring. Nike, Butler, Phelps and Ivan Pace achieved at a very high level. Now, we have four transfers going to P5 programs in fball. Somebody is recruiting well. Just too bad it hasn’t resulted in more W’s.


Certain can’t say that the previous staff of Cooper/Owens didn’t land some talent. The time/space continuum traveling Weathers brothers. Nike. Jaden. Guy who went to Duquesne (whose name I am forgetting now as it’s early here). Darrian Ringo Starr. I’m just not convinced we had a total team mentality like we are getting now. Also, hoops has 15 players on a team so even for a crappy team, at least 2-3 can likely be good enough to play somewhere else.

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Like @YellowNumber5 mentioned, Owens landed a lot of talent. Adaway is playing in the G League. Nike is doing well at an ACC program (although I’m sure he’d rather be starting than being a 6th man). I just mentioned this in the GDT, but Grant has had a great season for Duquesne.

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Yes, “What could have been” . . . We aren’t the only ones: Former George Mason Head Coach Dave Paulsen (now a former assistant) recruited Marquette’s Tyler Kollek, likely Big East Player of the Year; and Jordan Miller, now starring at the other Miami.

Apparently, Coach Capel and Sibande had a conversation about him taking the 6th man role in the offseason and Sibande bought in. His game has progressed really nicely. He still likes the 3, but he is much more willing to drive to the basket. While not a great defender, he’s improved there as well.

The previous staff could find talent under 6’7" but didn’t recruit bigs effectively. The lack of apparent scouting, commitment to defense, and poor offensive strategy were even bigger negatives.

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