NHL Playoffs and Miami Players

Other than Blake Coleman with the Flames, are there any other Miami player alums in the NHL Playoffs?

Blake Coleman it is!

Dude is a Stanley Cup Magnet!

Coleman with 2 goals against the Oilers in the Flames game 1 win.

Coleman is a real gamer!

Coleman and the Flames eliminated last night, but he went out with a bang, with 2 assists and appearing to score the game-winner late in the 3rd, but had it overturned on a controversial “he kicked it in” ruling from Toronto.

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Since this is still an NHL Playoffs Thread

Final notes, regular season and playoff stats for ProHawks.


We only had two guys in the ECHL? Seems way low.

Hasn’t exactly been a hot bed of talent the last few years. No telling how many guys were pushed to careers off the ice due to COVID.

Karch and Barry only played a total of three regular season games and Idaho and Worcester missed the playoffs.

Usually we have Miami seniors join ECHL teams for playoff runs but this year there’s still that COVID-induced depth ripple and they’re also exploring their options for fifth-year NCAA seasons.


Holy crap…Johnny Hockey!!!

7 years, $68+ million

Scream it Sackman, “FLY THE FLAG!!!”

Great article here about Gaudreau coming to the CBJ. His comments about Calgary could be interpreted as “Darryl Sutter is a great coach but he wears on you after a while”

Czarnik - two-year deal with Detroit.
Smith - re-signed with Vegas.
Sherwood - one-year deal with Nashville.
Belpedio - signed by Philadelphia.

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Laine extends. Cup a certainty.


Good Lord!

Awwww man, wish we hadn’t traded Bjorkstrand to get under the cap but he’s a small price to pay to be unanimous Cup favorites.

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Barry, Gresock and Crowder to play for ECHL Florida.

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