Money, meet mouth - Field of 68

Everyone, if you are happy with what you see with Coach Steele et al then I’d suggest you check out THE FIELD OF 68 (click) and become part of the movement!

“ Gifts of $1,000 or more annually to the Miami Basketball Excellence fund automatically secure your eligibility for the Field of 68. Supporters at this level will become a part of an elite group and will enjoy special access to the coaching staff, program and a behind the scenes look at Miami Basketball throughout each year while ensuring our student-athletes have the necessary resources to graduate as champions.”

Don’t be late!


Want to double down on what @Nickskin said. I’ve never seen any program give this level of donors the access you get with the Field of 68 and the money goes a long way to helping our basketball program function like a legitimate D1 program.

As an example, every month there’s a call with all the basketball coaches. They’ll discuss thoughts on individual Miami players, signees, give injury updates, share gameplans, talk about work going on behind the scenes on development, and answer any other question you have. Honestly, if it isn’t a compliance issue, Coach Steele has addressed it.


Not sure I understand this well. Is a meal pass in the dining hall nutrition? Or is nutrition nomenclature for something else…

Quick answer, a meal plan is included for basketball players. That said, most successful athletic programs now have nutritionists and a kitchen specifically for their athletes.

So our athletes can find healthy options around campus, but the difference between Mirambeaux starting next season at 290 vs 300 might just be taking that next step as a D1 program. Or Potter starting the season at 220 or 225. If you look at Xavier for example, you’ll notice their 23 year olds look different from our 23 year olds. That’s old enough that puberty shouldn’t have that much of an impact and they’ve all been in a D1 lifting program for 5 years. But Xavier athletes have all of their meals prepared by nutritionists based on the needs of that athlete. And when everyone is lifting, this is the next differentiator between programs.

I also know it’s easy to say, well there’s a lot of food at Miami, they can find healthy options. It’s easy to forget that eating habits are often passed down through families and set by necessity. Not every athlete grew up in a home where healthy eating was prioritized or with a family who had the money to afford healthy options. It’s one more thing that helps on the court and with recruiting.


Very insightful. Appreciate the context.

It’s also a recruiting tool that can be used in a schools favor….or against it


Is it a one time donation or a once a year donation. I give to the miami red and white currently (or whatever it is called)

I certainly would be interested in the monthly call, etc.

I must admit that when this was first proposed under Owens I struggled with the fact that I didnt get my daughter a private menu when she was on Miami’s meal plan

The next call is tomorrow. I’d recommend reaching out to Bo and Coach Richburg. I’d guess they’d invite you if you’re interested while learning more about the details.

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