Mike Dewine with some hoops love

I actually saw the Governor walking around on Saturday at the graduation but today he tweeted about renewing the Miami vs Dayton hoops series.


Sounds like an opportunity for Miami to invite the Gov and the Mrs to a Miami home basketball game next season.

But if Miami doesn’t, it’ll deserve a “Harumph!” from many members of this board. Care to practice?

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23 points, Governor, not 26.

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Alright, I deleted two posts that got into the governor’s policies and away from the relevance of Miami v UD. (@Eddie, happy to undelete yours if you keep it to the very relevant last sentence). As interesting as the topics are, I’m not sure Dewine’s stance on gun reform and the military factor into the basketball series that UD won’t continue.


DeWine likes guards from all over the nation
The national guard is the militia
DeWine likes when shooters shoot
Steele is recruiting shooting guards to join our militia
Therefore, the right to keep and bear arms means Miami has the right to play UD even though they want to quit


Indeed! Dewine is a great guy!