Miami women at Memphis 8:00 Wednesday

The game is on ESPN+, so you can watch the football game on TV and the basketball game on your desktop or tablet, etc. all at the same time. Memphis lost at home to Columbia 69 to 77 then blew out Howard at home 101-54. Memphis is coached by former Wright State coach Katrina Merriweather. After the Raiders made a big NCAA tourney splash a couple of years ago, she took all the stars who did not graduate with her to Memphis and Wright State only won a couple of games all year last season. There are still 3 former Raiders on the roster. The Tigers were 16-12 last year.

Memphis is led by Madison Griggs who had 18 points in both games and has hit 5 of 8 threes. Emani Jefferson averages 11 points and a team leading 6.5 rpg. Jamerah Shutes averages 17.5ppg.

Miami is led by MACPlayer of the week,sophomore Maddie Cluse, who leads the MAC at 27ppg and also is averaging 8.5 rpg. Sophomore Ivy Wolf is averaging 17.5 ppg. The latest on All MAC star Peyton Scott is that she is “close to returning” to the lineup.

Memphis- 76
Miami - 51


Well, hope they got a trip to Central BBQ and the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid out of their trip if nothing else.


Last night I had this game on my desktop, the football game on TV, and had the other two MAC football games on push buttons. Thus I was too busy to post on either the basketball or the football game. Anyways, here is a report on the basketball game.

The first thing I noticed was that backup center Katie Richason ( ill?) was not on the bench. That was immediately a major cause for concern. Memphis is very big inside and starting center Amani Freeman is always in foul trouble. Our bench is really thin. Also, once again Peyton Scott was not suited up.

Maddie Cluse scored our first 9 points and we were ahead 9-6 when Memphis called a TO and changed their defense and focused great attention to trapping a doubling Cluse the rest of the night. Maddie ended up with 20 points and 10 rebounds. She did turn an ankle and was out for a couple of minutes.

Ivy Wolf, who had only 2 points in the last 3 quarters against Vermont ( 16 in the first quarter) continued a shooting slump going 2 for 11 for only 4 points. She did have 8 assists and 4 rebounds, but fouled out with about 6 minutes to go.

Amani Freeman quickly got in foul trouble and eventually fouled out and only played 13 minutes, and Richason was not there to replace her, so we played very small.

Morrow played well and ended up with 14 points and 6 rebounds.

We were down between 9 and 13 points most of the game and I think we were down about 12 when Wolf fouled out with about 6 minutes to go, Freeman had already fouled out, and Cluse turned her ankle. With our 3 best out, Memphis went on a 12-0 run and we lost by 25. At our low point, we were playing two girls who came into the game with 2 total minutes all year ( Boruff and Neal), a walkon ( Chambers), and a juco transfer (Dae) plus either Morrow or Watkins).

They hit 6 of 15 threes for 40%, we were a miserable 2 for 17. We also got outrebounded 44-35. What kept us in the game most of the night was that Maddie Cluse was clearly the best player on the court and Sierra Morrow played well and Wolf was a positive force even with a shooting slump. Our bench is just really, really weak and their best player ( Richason) was not there. They played 62 minutes and contributed 5 points and 6 turnovers. Put Richason and Scott on the court and it would have been a good game.