Miami women at Akron at 2:00 on Saturday on ESPN+

Miami is 8-20 ( 4-15). Akron is 15-10 ( 12-7). Akron is currently seeded #3.

They hammered us in Oxford earlier in the year. This has been a big turnaround year for Akron, who has been near the bottom of the league for several years. Akron has Jordyn Dawson who is a definite first team all MAC player and some have mentioned her as a possible Player of the Year. In MAC play Dawson has averaged a double double, 24/10. The rest of their team are solid MAC players, not stars but lots of good players.

15-9 at the 5 and under TO. Down 6. Amani Freeman had 2 fouls in the first minute. Clueless Jada Duckett missed the first two passes to her for turnovers and then gave up a layup, so we were down to our 3rd center 3 minutes into the game. Richason has played better.

19-13 Akron at the end of 1, Scott has 2 points and Wolf none. Cluse and Davidson has been our best player so far today.

Paying attention/ keeping your eye on the ball all the time----is rule one in basketball, men’s…OR WOMEN’S.

On defense, watch/ guard your opponent…all pretty easy to grasp, even in elementary school hoops.

29-25 Akron at the 5 and under TO. Scott has been out for about 3 minutes now for absolutely no reason that I can see. Wolf finally got a couple of buckets. Foster scored 6 points on the first 3 possessions of the second quarter and Coach took her out and brought in Amani Freeman who has 2 fouls. Strange moves. Overall, we are playing better than usual.

Peyton Scott just got what looks like a serious knee injury on a drive to the bucket where she went sprawling to the court, as she does many times each game. I would guess her season is over. We were down 1 after Wolf came off the bench to hit two free throws, but without Scott I would not look for anything good.

40-32 Akron at the half.

44-41 Akron , TO Akron with 6 minutes to go in the third quarter. Wolf has been taking over and other than Jordyn Dawson we have done a good defensive job against the Zips. Foster-Walker is having a nice game.

47-45 Miami at the 5 and under TO as Akron keeps turning it over. Their point guard turned an ankle and went out. Wolf has been taking over offensively.

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Incidentally, Collen Day Henderson is looking very pregnant. Hope they have a future RedHawk!

52-49 Akron with a 7-0 run as we do some dumb stuff again.

56-55 Miami at the end of 3. Dawson has 24 for Akron, Wolf 19 for us. Both had 3 fouls, and in a huge play in the last minute, Dawson got called for a charge against Wolf, so Dawson starts the 4th quarter with 4 fouls. Garrelts has been great at causing turnovers.

61-59 Akron with 7 minutes to go, TO Miami as Wolf pick up foul #4. Dawson has been sitting out.

My HS coach said if they are not looking, hit them in the head with the pass and they will be more alert after that.

Battle and Wolf hit 3’s and Duckett makes one of her best catches and moves of the year and we are up 4 at the 5 and under TO. Dawson comes back in.

In today’s warped society, that might be considered physical abuse. :sunglasses:

Dawson scored her 26th point, but on a loose ball scramble Dawson turns her ankle with 3 minutes to go. We are up 3.

73-72 Akron, 24 seconds to go, our ball, 19 on the shotclock.

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Still down 1, Our ball 1.8 seconds, Akron has only 2 fouls.

We lose. Tried a tip play to Cluse and there was plenty of contact but no call. We missed our last 4 or 5 shots, Katie missed 3 open looks, although she did make two free throws to put us up 1 with 58 seconds to go. Game ended with Akron’s best player and their point guard with turned ankles and Scott with a knee or maybe a high ankle sprain. Akron will need both of those girls on Wednesday to have a chance to advance.