Miami v Heidelberg

Student Princes?? WTF. Sounds like a Disney boy band!!

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Student Princes can’t compete with the Kings of the Millett Black Curtain.

We’re up 30-11.

Really like our ball movement this year!

Lots of good passing. More turnovers than I’d like. Freshmen look like freshmen still. Shooting and rebounding well.

45-14 Miami at the half

Someone get Miami’s sideline reporter a juice box!

Score is where it should be in this game. Way too many turnovers.

Need to clean up the sloppy play a bit. Need to see more positive contributions from Eller and Ames.

Miami 14 assists. Heidelberg 1.

I don’t necessarily mind one DIII game on the schedule, but I wish that we had another decent mid-major to play instead of a second one.

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That was not an offensive foul

Next trip down was the best play by Ames I’ve seen from him. Got the ball, made a move, was doubled, found an open shooter, takes up space so Eller can get the rebound.

We’re up 84-40 in the closing minutes. FWIW Heidelberg received votes in the D3 preseason rankings and they started the season 3-0, so it’s not like it’s Midway that we’re playing.

For your information, the Middies will be 4-1 if they can topple the Oakland City Mighty Oaks today.

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Bring on Defiance!

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Another blowout win.

I read “Heidelberg” and I thought maybe we’d set up a scrimmage against a new micro brew’s staff. Had no idea this was an actual school.

Myja White has turned into a very nice player for us. His development as a 3pt shooter is particularly remarkable, going from 22.5% as a freshman to being one of our best 3pt shooters. He is currently shooting 38.3% for his career, which would be roughly 10th all time in Miami history.

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I like this OOC scheduling….schedule one or two decent teams but use the rest to build confidence and skill going into conference play….