Miami Partners With Icon Source for NIL


Glad to see this, hope it works well for all “Panther” student -athletes :woman_facepalming:t2:.

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Can somebody please put this into a few concise sentences so I can understand. Panthers?

They copy pasted the press release that the vendor used with a different university, but forgot to change Panther to Redhawk.

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When does everyone pick up their Ram trucks?

:clown_face: show

I’m sure the copy for the release came from our strategic partner, Icon Source.

What does it say about them for not even taking the time to proofread the release and/or writing original copy for its new client?

Further, what does it say about Miami for not even taking the time to proofread?


4.5 hours later and it’s still there. Geez.

Pitt fans being asked to support their RedHawks.

Knock knock.
Who’s there? Panther
Panther what?
Panther what you wear when you go to Husky Stadium.

I always like the Pink Panther flicks.

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I was ze burga!

And there is the answer for why the future schedule never gets updated :grinning:

It has been corrected.

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This is called lack of institutional accountability and oversight.