Miami opener

Just flipped on Miami/Valpo on ESPN3 (at Valpo). Hawks dominating, 79-49 midway through the 4th.


Miami ended up winning 85-60 and the game really wasn’t that close. Ivy Wolf was very impressive. Freshman. Bigger test Saturday at Illinois coached by Womens BB HOF Nancy Fahey.

Worth noting that she’s a HOFer for winning 5 D3 national titles at Washington St Louis. Since making the jump straight to Illinois 4 seasons ago, she’s just 35-79 (including 5-18 last season) and 6-64 in Big 10 play. Could be a winnable matchup if the team plays like they did against Valpo.

You are correct re her record at Illinois. She probably should have stayed at Washington University, but the money was too much to pass up. 2 things. I am a graduate of Washington University School of Law. And Nancy is an acquaintance of mine.

And yes, winnable game, but we need to play like against Valpo and keep our turnovers down.