Miami Memories

Missing the NFL shield next to Kirk Springs and Fortner.

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By the way, Dave Crowder will provide the names for all of the Seniors. Dave was in the class of 79 or 80 and made it to an NFL Camp or two. I bet he can run the 40 in under 6 seconds right now! Maybe 7.

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And here I thought Crowder was davearama. Lol

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Players in the picture:

Front:Joe Farias,Greg Sullivan,Bob Kolkmeyer,Mike Rosenberger,E.D.Williams,Pat McDermott,Dave Hatgas,Dave McKenzie.

Back:Larry Fortner,Paul Warth,Mark Angelo,Tim Wetzel,Jeff Rowlands,Freddie Johnson,Andy Botting. Jack Streicher,Lowell Kloth…Andy got a 5th yr in 79.

Keith Harvey was on the team too. I chuckled when he saw the pic and said this: Ed - Love that clock. It won us several games😂!


79Eddie and all…what a bunch of super sleuths! Didn’t rememer many of the names from my freshman year on the team. So I did a dive in the athletic site archives but but I think this might be a '79 seniors. Don’t remember Fortner being on the team in '74 or snapping to him when I was scout team center. Looked up Greg Sullivan is in Hall of Fame as '79 grad. I have some faint recollection of snapping to McDermott and think he may have been a 5 year guy. Came in as QB and wound up wide receiver.

Looking forward to coming season! Waiting for season tics!


1983-my freshman year!

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I’m pretty certain (OK…Maybe 90% certain) that it is the 78 team Seniors. The photo measurements and placement numbers on the back side of the photo correspond to that year.

Perhaps Sullivan graduated a year later. He was a heck of a player.