Miami hosts Akron Wednesday night at 7

According to coach Hendrix after practicing with only half the squad last week, we had the full group starting today. Akron is coming off big win over rival Kent State and is a veteran team featuring one of the best players in the MAC in Senior Jordan Dawson

We were completely outplayed for 3 quarters and Dawson outperformed Scott by quite a bit. Down over 20 we did cut it to single digits with a run in the 4th quarter.


The turnover disparity is still evident. Right after the half the graphic showed Akron with 5 and Miami with 12. It only got worse after that.

If you look at the team stats for the season we’re averaging less than 2 turnovers per game more than our opponents. Points off turnovers is a wash. I maintain that we play below our talent level. In other words, I blame coaching.