Miami Football - 2022 Season Thread

Are we really playing at PBS as our “home” game? Just cancel the series if those douchers are too proud to bus 30 mins to a game.


Yes. Under the terms of the most recent contract we rotate Oxford and Nippert with Paul Brown as a home game in between. The PB game rotates between a UC and Miami home game.

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Why, that place is a dump. The only good thing about PBS is that it’s 1 trillion times more accessible than nippert

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Miami home games should be in Oxford period. This year the game will be a home game for UC no matter if it counts as a home game for Miami.


Counts as a home game for us because UC big timed us and rubbed our nose in it a bit if we wanted to keep playing them.

IF-IF-IF enough Miami alumni and fans in Cincy and Dayton and throw in a few from C/Bus, Indy and the like show up it can be a home game for us.

As it is there’s probably enough UC fans that can’t get into Nippert that will show up at Paul Brown and wind up making it like another home game for UC no matter what the schedule says.


Since their Big East AQ venture and their ascendancy to AAC soon to be Big 12 royalty, their fan base has grown exponentially. Ours has experienced a deep atrophy since 2005. We might very occasionally still beat them but the days of program parity are long gone.

The game was played in Cincinnati every year from 1899-1970. Playing there more than here is the norm, unfortunately.


Time to get rid of the game. Hopefully UC drops us with Big 12 schedule

Get rid of the game? Absolutely not.


I dont think Miami will have much say in it…soon Richard…it will drop.

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I need one good reason for keeping this game… How does this help our program?

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I’ve advocated ending the rivalry for a couple years now. Other than a big home gate every *few years now, I don’t get the attraction. Happy to keep playing UC every now and then, but I don’t like it on an annual basis.

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In other news… today marks the start of the 2022 training camp. Football is back. Hopefully there will be an interview from CM posted today.


Why is this thread titled 2022 Season if all we’re talking about is the UC scheduling agreement?

Anyways, I believe we split the revenue for ticket sales 50/50. If that’s the case I think this game will make us more money than any other home.

  1. Historical record 59-59-7 2) Money
    Who would you rather play? CM has helped to bring the program from the doldrums. The next step is marquee wins. If you truly want to be great you have to compete against the best. I don’t want to see the program strive for one notch above mediocrity.
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Money/record might be the sole reason to get rid of this game lol

While MAC counterparts will receive $750k for playing Big12 opponents, we’ll be stuck losing to UC for free.
Enough with the strawman arguments… “to be the best you have to beat the best!” Lol. Cmon.

Our goal is to win the MAC and win a bowl game. We have a chance to beat P5 team every single year. There is just no need to have 3 P5 teams on the schedule when they go to B12

I just saw the schedule where we are “home” at PBS and laughed at our lack of self respect and pride.

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JFK in 1962: “Why does Rice play Texas? Idk they should probably drop the series.”

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does miami get the ticket revenue when we’re the home team at PBS?

I’m okay with this game going away…the reality is…do I like that Chuck has settled in at Miami and is no longer a pompous-arse and looking down at his own situation (seemed that way early on…hard truth). He’s really turned the corner the last couple years in owning the program.

That said, Chuck has shown little respect for this rivalry, no fight, no ability to win. He has had multiple player (starters) sit in games, or game plans to clearly shorten or limit the game…of course there was also the “TO.”

Under Martin the general theme has been that the OOC is merely practice. While there’s some feeling he finally gets it, and has his program where he wants to a point we are going to try and win some games versus P5…it’s what year 9??? Too little too late for most fans…but we can dream.

IMO Chuck has realized he has something good here…I don’t see him leaving any time soon, or at all…he’s paid well enough, probably can go down as the all-time winningest coach at Miami (a program that has some prestige and honor), and maybe never win more than 8 games in a season (if he stays another 6 years…definitely will happen). Heck, CM will get the all-time most games coached at Miami this year!

He knows that just doing well in MAC (in this current NCAA, big $$$$ environment) is enough to keep his job as long as he wants it at Miami.

Seeing our record against UC drop to a point of them being many games ahead of us (i.e., conceivable future with CM) does nothing for the program (we are on what a ~15 year losing streak?).

Time to go UC. Sorry but that’s the truth.