Miami @ BG Postponed

MAC announced Miami @ BG scheduled for Tuesday is postponed. They rescheduled BG to play Buffalo on Wednesday, so it would appear the issues are with Miami.

Brilliant strategy. Beat UB, don’t play any more games, #1 seed in MAC Tournament.


Although the announcers never told us who was out, I kind of piece together that we were missing 4 guys vs Buffalo. That would have been, White, ICL, Harrison,and Ames.

The MAC has announced that postpone games will be made up, if that does not work out, games will be cancelled, not forfeited. Hang onto your tickets. Also, the MAC says a team must have at least 7 scholarship players and 1 coach to play a game.

ICL was an injury, not Covid. The other three and Tatum appear to have been out for virus protocols, and presumably we’ve had more people ruled out since then that the games have been postponed.

Now playing BG on Saturday and the game against Akron has been postponed.

Does that suggest a probably with Akron’s program, or does the MAC just want to get this game made up sooner rather than later?