Miami Athletics Trivia - If You Dare

Two players from this high school picture from the 70s, received athletic scholarships from Miami. Can you identify and name the two players?

Don’t Use Google!


Rick Goins is #3.

Correct. One more.

Is #5 Mike Woodson?

That is Woodson.

#7 resembles Tommy Dunn but I don’t think it’s him.

A little bit!

You did pick the right person! It’s not Tommy Dunn though. It’s Kevin Rostenkowski, who played baseball at Miami! 4th-round draft pick (SF) who had great stuff. Injury helped end his Miami career although he has played in Senior Leagues.

#11 is in a terrible Beatles cover band.


A little bit! That’s Terry Stotts who coached in the NBA (most recently with Portland a few years ago).

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“Give us 11 jerseys, just number them 1-11.”

Re Goins…Several years ago he was elected to the Indiana Basketball Hall Of Fame Board along with Jerry Peirson.

Rick retired after a long career with the IRS.