Miami at CMU Wednesday at 7 on ESPN+

The bottom 8 teams in the MAC all have 3,4, or 5 wins with 6 games to go. Every one of those team’s main goal is to make it to Cleveland for the MAC tournament. Only the top 8 make it. No girl on our team has been there yet.

BS 11-1
BG 11-1
UT 10-2
KS 7-5
AU 5-7
EMU 5-7
WM 5-7
UB 4-8
MU 4-8
NIU 4-8
CMU 3-9
OU 3-9

We beat Central in Oxford by 8 a couple of weeks ago. In their last game the Chips beat Buffalo by one point with Mikala Hall , who had 16 points, hitting the game winner with 7 seconds to go.

Central starts 3 freshmen and 2 of them are the leading scorers Sydney Harris 16.5ppg and Bridgett Utberg 11.5ppg. 6-5 Rochelle Norris had double doubles the last two games.

On the season Miami is 9-16, Central 5-18.

We have only won once on the road all season, at NIU. 4 of our last 6 games are on the road and one of those is first place Ball State. This needs to change starting tonight. Certainly this is a game we can win, but so often the girls have seemed clueless of the scouting report and not ready for a battle on the road.

CMU up 18-14 after one. Wolf, 2ho has not had more than 12 points in the last 4 games, is scoreless, 0 for 3 on treys. Central looks much better than the team we played in Oxford, which shows how they beat Buffalo Saturday. Katie Richardson is back from injury, and had two nice post moves for 4 points.

30-25 Chips halfway through the second. We have given them several offensive stick back buckets. Also, too many to’s. Cluse with 9, Freeman with 6.

We got our first lead of the game as we ran the clock down and Peyton Scott got an old fashioned 3 point play. with 3 seconds to go. 36-35 Miami at the half.

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Cluse has 14, Scott and Freeman with 7 each. Central has 9 from both Harris and Hall ( who did not play in Oxford) Wolf has played poorly and has only 2.

44-42 Central halfway through the 3rd. Wolf is 1 for 8 and back on the bench. Our usual careless turnovers are why we are not ahead. Cluse with 16 and Freeman 9.

53 to 50 Central at the end of 3. Cluse has 16 and 6, Scott has 12 and 6. Morrow has 8 rebounds. Turnovers are the difference, Miami with 13, Central with 5. Chips also hit 3 threes that quarter.

55-52 Central with 6:20 to go. TO RedHawks. We are just turning it over too much and not getting enough shots. Lazy careless, weak passes.

4 minutes to go, 66-60 Central. Freeman and Scott both got Technicals for basically losing their temper and The Chips got a 5 point play.


2 technicals and we lose by 3.

83-80 Central final. Both teams played really hard, but Central was just more sound fundamentally. I could go through the tape of this game and list 100 different things that bothered me as I was watching. All the little things which just have not been taught.

There were a ton of points scored in the last 6 minutes , a bunch of timeouts, and reviews of plays.That 5 point play pretty much turned the game.

Scott had 26 ( 14 in the 4th quarter)and Cluse 24. Freeman had 13. Wolf had 4 points and failed to go and get the ball time and again, leading to turnovers as others tried to pass it to her. 2 freshmen, Harris and Utberg, had 24 and 19 and made most of the big plays to win the game.

It looks like this season is going to end just like the previous 3 under this coaching staff.

Have we not been taught or have we not been receptive to the teaching? Either way it is a coaching problem.

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The box score doesn’t show points off turnovers but we give up a lot. Most of our turnovers seem to come from lazy, sloppy passing. It’s maddening to watch.

I would think that change is coming. Too good of an opportunity to be as bad as we are. Heck, the AD got rid of Maria and she was .500 at worst most years.

I guess they have been watching Travis Steele! :grinning: