Miami and NIL Deals

This NIL stuff is new to me. Do we have athletes with NIL deals? I’m reading about power 5 teams making it a recruiting tool.

Might be trying to get our linemen a deal with Golden Corral. Lol Would be chill to see one of our big boys doing one of those Rumpke pizza box recycling ads with a whole stack of greasy boxes.

If NIL is new to you, you’ve got about two years of catching up to do.


My great nephew is full ride offensive lineman at OU and the offensive line has a NIL deal with the locally owned wing joint in downtown in Athens. Wings and pop for all!!!


I hope it’s free and endless for them and that they’ve been sneaking there after hours so we can pick up a few steps on them at the big game. Jokes aside, good for your nephew playing D1.


You seem nice. New to me, meaning I’m not sure how it works, what the rules are, if Miami has any deals or not.

Seems like it’s a power 5 thing. I wonder if any other MAC teams are offering deals. Seems like it would aid in recruiting?

The teams/schools themselves can’t offer a Name/Image/Likeness marketing deal. It would have to come from a business using the athlete to promote their product/services. For example, Dr Pepper is paying to have Bryce Young in their commercials, Alabama isn’t paying him for that.

Yes, it would definitely help in recruiting, Just need to find businesses that would benefit from having Miami athletes push their products.


Cintas! The Knolls! Bruno’s?

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I did not know that. Thank you. Great info. Yes, maybe some of these alumni will reach into their pockets to get or help keep quality players.

It’s pretty complicated. For the first two years it’s basically been the wild Wild West. Some rules were recently imposed but I’m sure lots of programs are busily developing schemes to get around them. A group of boosters created a foundation to endow the Texas OL - guaranteeing each one referred by the coaches a guaranteed $50 k stipend after they completed their eligibility. Michigan State recently created an NIL coordination office, as have other programs. Like someone else mentioned, Dr Pepper is paying Bryce Young for promoting their product. There are lots of local NIL deals everywhere - some for fairly big money and some for stipends and product. Overall, it will benefit the big time players at championship aspiring programs most.


CJ Stroud has a deal with a Columbus car dealership which deals in high end foreign models.
His first choice, which he can drive for three months, was a $200K MB. The ugly model. He was thinking about the Bentley. Probably get that for his next three month ride.

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He also has a deal with Express that allowed him to give each player a $500 gift card in the preseason so everyone could look good on gamedays.

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To @NESCACDAD point, the way I understand it is the boosters at each school have set up a general NIL fund where anyone can donate.

From there, the boosters/people in charge can divvy up the money how they see fit. For example FB QB/MBB starter would very likely get more cash than softball starting pitcher, etc.

I believe the payments are spread out over time so kids can’t get money and immediately enter the portal for a better opportunity/more money.

I would think Miami has set up something similar but I haven’t seen any specific information about it. I recall Sayler specifically mentioned NIL when he hired Steele bc he knew how to navigate this.

If anyone has seen some more specifics on our NIL deals/set up I would be very interested to see it.