McVay Statue unveiling

Anyone going to it?
I’m trying to decide as it would be great to go up to Oxford, but it’s also about my only free Saturday before 4th of July.


It’s worth it.

I attended John Harbaugh’s ceremony. They had a ton of front office and staff from Baltimore. Also a lot of his Miami team members. Great address from John H.
The Wayne Embry statue dedication at Millet was very impressive particularly Wayne’s address with an empty seat next to him due to his wife’s passing. ( Miami Merger). Very moving.

Randy Walker ( number retiring ) with his wife Tammy speaking ( Miami Merger) was also quite moving. In the crowd was ( Hamilton) Joe Nuxhall always a Miami supporter and began his broadcasting at Miami.

I’d expect the Sean McVay ceremony to be upbeat and recognize his family ties to Miami and to football. My youngest ( of 3) sons was in SLAM classes with Sean and graduated in the same class along with Ara Parseghian’s and Don Shula’s (great?) grandsons who were in the same classes.And they were on the football team.


I sat next to Sean in “Football 101” my sophomore year. Taught by Shane Montgomery. Seemed like a really bright kid. It’s been awesome to see his career take off. I’m glad the university is honoring him. Hope he’ll continue to be an ambassador for Miami going forward.


Did you know a non football player named Brent Beck? He was in that class.

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Not that I can recall, but it’s been 15 years or so now. I remember a handful of other players being in there, as well as some athletes from other sports.

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Sean McVay at had his 2 current Rams assistants,Chris Shula and one other former Miami team mate present today.

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Crawfords at the ceremony, madly googling “Sean McVay”.


That would be Joe Colignio.

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How many more coaches can we induct before we need to add another plaza?