March Sadness

FYI, Zach Haines is a BOT member who replied to several MBB tweets this season, offering support and encouragement to the program. He’s a Cincinnati area politician who runs for whatever office is available, but maybe he would read any letters you sent him. At least he would know who Jack Owens is.

It’s easily one of the two most used buildings on campus, it’s between Armstrong and the rec center. 7 consecutive ASG president’s supported it’s construction.
70 student orgs are housed there along with study rooms and meeting spaces, dining spaces, etc. Just because your kids didn’t take advantage doesn’t mean it’s a waste.
Parents of kids who are not into sports could make the exact same argument you are about the athletic department. So just stop.

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7 ASG Presidents! Well you win, if they like it good enough for me! So just stop, I feel like I am back in elementary school

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And everyone can use Armstrong pretty much all the time. Charging students to use something they largely can’t use is another matter.


The governor who keeps cutting the money going to Ohio state universities. Of course, I live out of state, and every school my daughter is looking at is either out of state or private so I will be taking second job at Wal-Mart as a greeter. Or maybe Costco, one of those people that checks your receipt as you leave!

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Zach Haines the presidential candidate and antivaxxer? That Zach Haines.? He and DeWine are fraternity brothers. Figures.

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Wait until (if) your child goes to medical school. Easily 300k more.


Does anyone know who paid for Goggin when it was built? I understand it generates more revenue, but if student fees paid for a part of that I don’t see why they can’t do the same for Millett.

Unlike varsity specific facilities, the general student population uses Millett for a number of things (graduations, career fairs, Frat/Sorority functions, etc.) and club sports used to use it too. It also houses work spaces for the entire athletic department.

Because that would be a disaster for the university and the university budget overall. I read the Student article referenced above. Miami has fallen into the same trap as many non-rich, non-elite private colleges. We have very high tuition (for a public) and have to substantially discount it to attract students to come. Meaning that even though enrollment and tuition has increased, Miami is taking in less total tuition dollars hence a $36M budget deficit that has to be made up with a combination of reserves and not filing open and necessary faculty and staff positions.

Miami in-state tuition right now is 16,704. That’s 40% higher than OSU (11,936). When merit and need based aid is applied, the average total cost of attendance at the schools (in-state) grows even bigger: 27,394 to 18,165. The OSU President was crowing that 9 out of 10 Ohio kids who get accepted to both and end up at one of the two schools end up at OSU. I didn’t really believe it, but now I’m not so sure. Keep gouging students and parents for more and more money to subsidize the athletic department, and it might go up to 10 of 10 while further deepening the budget problem.

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Like the Rec Center and Armstrong a combination of donations and student fees pays for it. While Armstrong is a seperate fee the Rec and Goggin come out of the general fee. For incoming students it is $2,921.76 and has increased by $338.16 over the last four years. Miami used to be more transparent about how that fee was divied up but we know from other sources that 54% of that goes to fund the athletic department.
It absolutely could be paid for through a student fee. I just don’t believe anyone wants to increase the fee more to do it or take from the areas that are already receiving fees. A better argument could be made if the facility was housed under recreation and offered more opportunities for students to use it.

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You probably took her to too many losing sporting events. She wants to go with a winner. :wink:

Part of new Goggin’s budget was actually covered by state funds despite it being an athletic building because they had to relocate the arena to build the new engineering building. Doing something similar with Millett would presumably require tearing it down to put an academic building there.

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They should convert a couple barges into a floating arena and put Millett on the Ohio River making it the first venue that travels to away games. There’s also a casino component (RedHawk lodge) to pay for it.


Megan Duffiy’s Marquette team one and done with OT loss to USF.

I thought they’d have a better run actually. A little surprising.

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USF was actually the higher seed. Marquette blew an 11 point 2nd half lead. USF took their first lead with 1:20 left in the 4th quarter.

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Maybe this has been discussed before, but what happened to the student bleachers that used to be behind the basket at Millet?

It’s not a great stadium, but it seemed totally fine when it had bleachers at one end. Where are those?

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It’s more that I had thought they had made a jump over the proverbial hump when they beat UCONN.

Caught UCONN with multiple injured players.