How many times are we going to run that stupid WR screen on 3rd and long before the coaches realize it doesn’t work anymore?

How many times are we going to keep sending out Brett Gabbert when the game has already been decided?



That’s why we can’t convert on 3rd down.

It’s a decent play when you have a WR that fits it perfectly and it’s unexpected/the other team is incompetent (see Jack Sorensen’s touchdowns in the 2019 MACC and against 2020 Akron), but with the way we do it now is horribly telegraphed. Same goes for that side RB pitch and the play-action version.

OC is a complete idiot and so is Chuck for keeping Brett in when the game was lost.


It hasn’t worked this year. Run that on 1st down not 3rd and 8. See, I don’t always agree with coaching staff.

If Brett is out hurt, Chuck should be fired TODAY! The moron learned nothing after the Kentucky game. And does anyone think we will win with our back-up QBs? I think for all involved we should fire him today, or immediately after our last game in 2 weeks.
Not at all happy posting this. But we’ve seen enough. Either that, or we slip to DII or III and play for the hell of it.


I am not much of an extremist, but I actually agree with this.

If Gabbert is badly hurt, Chuck needs to be relieved of his duties by the end of the year for needlessly sending him out there TWICE this season.


I’m not an extremist either. Have never liked firing coaches for not winning. But they get paid very well and all understand the ground rules of coaching when they get in the business. I have a slow fuse–but this one’s been lit for a couple years. Now, it’s a raging inferno.


My slow fuse has been burning since Timeout-gate in September 2017.


BC1–It hasn’t worked out for almost 20 years. Martin’s contribution to the futility is the last nine.

I get it. I have consistently said let’s see how they finish. Evaluate after season is over AND recruits are signed.

Lets say 15…20 a bit harsh…and also 9 of 15 more accurate, lol.

All I can say is if Brett is out and Aveon is once again the answer I’m turning the games off and watching Big Time Wrastlin’ on TNT or Alaskan Bush People on Discovery instead.

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Yea. You’re right. But I’m in a harsh state of mind.