Well. Here we go! I’m guessing we’re Bobcat fans tonight.

Bobkittens have 17 points midway through 2nd quarter…almost already enough to beat us.

Rourke is quite accurate on his deep routes!

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And another perfect throw from Rourke for a long gainer…hit the receiver in stride! Oh how I wish we could run and execute a play like that!

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…and Bobcats knocking are the door again! One more TD and we’d be out of our comfort zone for offense total game scoring.

Valid concern…one can hope our coaches are paying attention to Ohio’s gameplan, lol.

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Wiglusz, the OSU transfer, is his favorite target. Lots of Sorensen type crossing and seam route patterns. Rourke dropping dimes on him.

Nice slant for the TD…is Koehler watching I hope? 24-3 Bobcats and they will be a challenge for us to control defensively w their accurate QB.

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Was watching the sparsely attended KSU- BSU game.

“Maction! It’s like Covid never left!”

Watching OU just waltz down the field makes me very nervous about our upcoming game…our D is good but we gotta find a way to score 28 points plus to win our remaining g MAC games.

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“Yeah no” didn’t specifically address injuries yesterday in his presser other than yo say they were awaiting a couple MRI results. I’m guessing Friz is one of them…looked like he got hurt pretty badly vs Akron. Probably playing some 3s and 4s in the back end. The Canuck should be licking his chops about that…

…and remind me again how we lost to this Buffalo team…


…and with 2 minutes left in half -!: 24-3 lead, OU starts out by trying to pass inside their 20…not saying it’s the best strategy but we’d run it up the middle 3 times and kick. After a penalty and incompletion, OU will probably now try to run the clock and punt.

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I would not bother being nervous, that invested…just stoked if they win.

OU is toying with UB, something we obviously could not do…heck Broncos beat us.

We’ll just have to hope for our best D…and Brett/OL on their best game.

Dropped passion 3rd and a shanked punt gave Buffalo good field possession and they score.

Good games on MACtion tonight…Ball State just scored to go up 27-20 over Kent w 3 minutes left.
Buffalo has come back to make it a good game vs. OU as well, although Bobcats just scored again to go up 38-24.

We will have our hands full w OU next week…better find a way for our play calling to score some points!

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Not watching UB game at moment…I assume turnovers…UB has 165 yards, OU ~450

38 to 24, OU

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…and OU scores again w perfect TD pass by Rourke…they have almost 500 yards of offense…dominating Buffalo.

Schlee started a slide a half yard short of the marker on 4th down at the 50. Turned the ball over to the Balls with 2 minutes left trailing 27-20.


…and Cards win! (My brother went there and will be happy!)

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