Amazingly for this late in the season, 5 of the 6 games are still important to determining the divisional champions. Another week with no Saturday MAC games.

Tuesday November 8

Election night, but you might as well watch the games as a lot of them are not going to know the winner for another day or two.

EMU at AU 7:00 CBSSN
OU at MU 7:30 ESPN2
BS at UT 8:00 ESPN

Wednesday Nov 9

NIU at WM 7:00 ESPNU
UB at CM 7:00 ESPN2
KS at BG 7:00 CBSSN

Watching NIU at Western. NIU down to QB4 and RB3 . Lots of other injuries. MAC MASH units appear on the sidelines every November. Lots of guys banged up on most every team.

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NIU starting a walk on freshman QB

So you’re say’n there’s a chance?

We need Chuck to hire Shane Montgomery back as OC. He sure seems to have Buffalo rolling.

NIU at Western Michigan is a fun game to watch. Treyson Bourguet ( Western Michigan freshman QB) is playing lights out. I enjoy watching him play. NIU hanging tough.

NIU still has some fight left in them. Just eliminated Western from possible bowl eligibility…

Chips beat Buffalo in a close one and Kent destroys BG 40-7. Two of the East’s co-leaders take it in the shorts. Central - at 4-6 - is still alive in the bowl hunt.

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OU looks to be in a pretty good spot with two games left vs. Ball State and BG.

The last two nights were the all time dream scenario for Ohio. They dill their rival and then the two teams they were tied with both get upset.

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OU may win their 1st MAC Title since 1968?

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They beat Miami 24-7 that year and lost to Richmond 49-42 in the Tangerine Bowl. It was a good game. I watched it on TV.

It was in color - lol.

Well…icing on cake, we can only make fun of that for a couple more weeks.